Much of my free time recently has been devoted to a major project and labor of love for my boys… as if labor isn’t a labor of love enough for the little stinkers.  Just kidding.  They are worth a lifetime of labors of love (which, incidentally, home schooling is.)

We have never before invested in good quality furniture for them.  We bought Ikea bunk beds for them but after a few moves they were not holding up well.  We also always still had the problem of how to fit two dressers into the tiny shared rooms we have always had to contend with.  So when we moved, I was intent upon investing in some good quality, and space saving, bedroom furniture for the boys.  I wanted captains beds.  I spent a lot of time online looking for the right ones.

Finally we found a local wood furniture store called Hoot Judkins where we bought four bare wood captains beds with bookcase headboards.  They were $100 off and we bought them during a special tax free sale so we got a decent deal on them.  But this meant we had work to do.

And that is what I’ve been doing.  So far I’ve finished two entirely.  We are waiting for the last two to arrive into the store.  But after a couple of weeks of getting out into the garage and working, I am done with the first batch of beds.  And here are the results (and pictures of my boys enjoying the results too.)  I’m really pleased with how they turned out.








2 thoughts on “My Big Project

  1. beautiful stain color! love the bedding quilt colors too–perfect for boys room and so much classier than superhero cartoons (altho i’m sure boys would love those too). and how awesome that there’s so much storage under the beds and in the hutch!

    Christina Chung’s last blog post..A Tip Top Tam Time

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