Fourth of July, a lemonade stand and eating watermelons on Grandma’s porch.

Summer Summed Up in Pictures.

t lemon picking 2

s lemonpicking1

s lemon picking 3


ci lemons

Tr lemonjuicing

Tr lemonjuicing2


making lemonade 2

c lemon day

a lemonade 3

a lemonade 2

c lemon face

A lemonade1

c cup face 2

c cup face

c drinking lemonade

AC juicing


T juicing


lemonade making1

br porch3




They earned $45!

ci peekaboo

neenee does pigtails!

Neenee and CJ

br pool2

br pool1

Flag cake



wait… you need the full effect…
create avatar
Create avatar

boys wm4

T wm2

T wm1

b wm5

b wm3

b wm4

c wm4

c wm5

c wm3

b wm

Tr wm2


boys wm3

boys wm


I love Summer.

5 thoughts on “Lemons and Melons

  1. Oh Ms Nancy Pants~~~these pic’s are wonderful!! You look like you are having the best summer. I am so jealous that you now live in a place where you can just pick a lemon off a tree in the back yard!!!

    Sorry I have been MIA. I have been thinking of you but we are just at the end of a 4 month reno that we started mid April. So close to being done but it’s all so stressy.

    I haven’t had the time or the guts to work on the Nikon D90 yet but once my house is back to normal it’s one of my first goals…..besides actually cooking on a stove. Haha.

    Charlene Austin’s last blog post..Kitchen Renovation Update ~~ End of Week 13 & 14

  2. You take amazing candid photos! Mine always end up with at least one person in between expressions, looking a little like a monster. 🙂 So fun to be with family, having a good time.

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