Being a mom of four boys I’m not in the habit of regularly using the word “pretty”.  Pretty just doesn’t come up much.  Handsome, sweet, stinky, messy, funny, naughty, rambunctious… they all get used a goodly amount of times.  But pretty is definitely a less frequently uttered word.  Though, because my boys are sweet, I do hear the word pretty quite often.  **blush**

A few weeks ago I was privileged to go with my sister and her family for my niece to get her ears pierced.  She had to wait for her 7th birthday.  It’s opportunities like this that make me so happy to be back home with my family.  Family birthdays, family get-togethers and ear-piercing outings were sparse during our 12+ years of living far from family.

We headed to the mall and straight for Claire’s, home of high end jewelry creations such as these…


and these…


and…. these?


Okay, so I thought the cupcake ones were rather irresistible.  But Hot Dogs?  Really.  Why do we want to wear these on our ears?

I don’t think I had realized how extreme the food-related earring thing went.  It had been a really long time since I’d actually gone into a Claire’s.  If you wonder why, please refer back to paragraph one.  We tend to go into places like Bass Pro shop and other sporting goods stores more often than Claire’s.


There is really endless entertainment at your fingertips in Claire’s.  Especially if you are four…



Or two…


So the earrings that she would wear for the next six weeks needed to be picked.


A girl must consult her family on such issues.



After much deliberation, she settled on crystal daisies.


She sat excitedly waiting to have her earlobes stabbed through with tiny metal rods.


Thankfully two people were on hand so that my sweet niece didn’t have to be assaulted two separate times.






So happy.



So pretty.





Now, leaving a place like Claire’s with a two year old who had taken a certain liking to a glowing glittery cell phone compact thingymabobber, can be somewhat of a feat.  So we quickly made a dash into Pottery Barn Kids right next door to be entertained even more.

Ooooh!  Pretty!  Cute!!  A floaty seat for a doll!  What doll doesn’t need its own floaty seat?  I mean… nevermind that we don’t have floaty seats for ourselves.  The doll NEEDS one.


Focus.  Doll house play requires focus.


Picture the following nine statements in rapid fire succession and you have this girl pegged.  (She didn’t really say all of these things at this time but it’s how fast she moved and how fast her mind goes every minute of the day.)

What’s in here?  Nevermind.  What’s in there.


OH!  What’s that?!


NeeNee! (that’s me)  I here!  LOOK!  I did it!


(((GASP))) Pretty!!


Oooohhh… more cupcakes.  Cupcakes really are all the rage.  I have known it for a few years, ever since cupcake shops started popping up in every downtown corridor in North America.  But really… cupcakes are everywhere.  Especially everywhere girls are.  They know us too well.  We cannot resist sparkly happy cupcakey cuteness.  It’s like flies and lights.


Well, as you may have felt on many occasions when having to leave Pottery Barn without purchasing anything, it can be very hard on the nerves.



In fact, it can cause downright distress.


Nay.  Anguish.


Nay.  fury!


Nay.  Savage acrimony!


Basically, sometime our inner beast just can’t handle having to leave The Pottery Barn.  You know how it is.  You’ve felt the same way.  On the inside.

5 thoughts on “So pretty…

  1. I can’t help it – I just keep coming back to see this whole story play out again and again!

  2. 🙂 I miss my nieces and nephews being small! I was like you following them around drinking in every comment and facial expression!
    I’d wear those hotdog earrings 🙂

    phyllis’s last blog post..Que Sera Sera

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