your silence isn’t kindness.
It isn’t numbness
It isn’t merely silence.
It’s louder than a phone call.
It’s harder than an insult.
Your silence isn’t approval.
But is it disapproval?
I don’t know.
How can I?
It’s only a void.
Or is that avoid?
It’s for the listener to interpret.
Your silence isn’t polite.
It isn’t Novocaine.
It doesn’t inoculate
or soothe.
It cuts.
It divides.
It shoots me in the back.
Your silence isn’t golden.
It’s darkness.
It’s not a pat on the shoulder.
It’s a punch in the gut.
It takes the wind out of my sails.
It hurts.

2 thoughts on “When Silence Hurts

  1. Wow Nan, have you been in my head lately? This is exactly how I have been feeling and thinking over the past few days and this truly touches my heart that someone can put the words down to be read. Thank you. It touches me deeply that someone else out there kind of “gets” me. Even thought this has nothing to do with me it seems very close to home.

    Greta’s last blog post..294/365

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