Cat must have gotten my tongue.  Or fingers.  Or something because I have had so little to say here.  Actually it’s probably not the cat.  It’s probably more likely that some evil dark lord may have stolen my expressive abilities and transmogrified me into a brainless fingerless mute.  I have thought a lot about wanting to blog.  I’ve thought about wanting to have something to say.  I always feel like a poem is hanging out at the very apex of my hypothalamus just waiting to spill out but it seems my frontal lobe is not cooperating.

So I’m obviously just in a time of intake.  For years I couldn’t manage to read anything longer than a blog post or magazine article.  I believe infants and toddlers severely assault a mother’s ability to concentrate on anything longer than their own personal whims which move from (((DIAPER))) to (((MOUTH))) to (((AGRESSION))) to (((DIAPER))) to (((SERVE ME WORLD!!!))) in a matter of mere seconds.  So to sum it up, I didn’t read real books for a long time.  Like 9 years.  Then my baby started acting like a little kid instead of a mewling infant or demanding toddler.  I think after a few years in a row of not having to either endure a temper tantrum or a diaper change I was finally able to emerge from this cloud of stunted brain activity, landing me in this place wherein I am able to read books.  Lots of them.

And so my mental outflow is now, thankfully, slightly lower than my intellectual intake.  Well, that and teaching the boys is more intensive now than it used to be, allowing me a lot less time on the internet.  So the blog suffers.  And I am okay with that.  I have never been one to seek out a large audience.  After my initial dive into the bloggy world (which always leads people to be traffic obsessed, for a little while at least, I think) I figured out that I blog for me.  And I just enjoy it whenever some of you read and comment and join me on the journey.

So thanks for being here, you few and faithful ones!  Hopefully at some point my bloggy outflow will once again be in the upsurge.  Until then, I am just busy living which, though crazy and exhausting, is a pretty good life.

Just to update on the tidbits of life, my man is working for my Father doing plumbing while also working towards finishing up his pastoral counseling certification, taking distance ed. courses through CCEF, a wonderfully holistic gospel-centered counseling organization.  He’s also getting the opportunity to preach and teach frequently at our new church home, which he is enjoying immensely of course. He will be done with all of his courses in December.  I’m so proud of how hard he is working and how well he is doing.  We are praying (and appreciate all prayers) for God’s guidance as to where He is leading next.  Sometimes I am tempted to be afraid and wonder where we will be a year from now.  We very much want to stay here at home.  But I wonder about if we will be able to buy a house or not… those kinds of things.  But God is continuing to content me with His sufficiency and the idea that it’s okay to just wait and trust.

As for my health, my sleep problems are still a problem but I am able to find relief through NyQuil at this point.  My doctor here has so far said to keep taking that and just wait until we can get me through some more tests, etc. to find out what, if anything else, can be done.  Please continue to pray for God to heal me entirely.  While I am learning to say, “Your will be done,” I am still going to continue asking him, relentlessly, for total healing.  He is able.

6 thoughts on “Cat

  1. Good to see you, Nan and I totally understand the seasons of life!
    May God give you a heart that is content in the season and seeking Him with all you have. Our family has a saying, “We worshipped our guts out!” Sometimes that is what brings clarity to perspective. Just giving God all that we have, all that we are, good parts and not so good but real parts… struggles and triumphs, and through it all, we worship our guts out! Love the Lord until there is nothing left to give and then find that we are full to overflowing
    God bless you tonight!

  2. Wow, Jen – AMEN! I’ll add to that by saying always blog for “you”, because in truth that is blogging about what God has laid ON your heart and been working with you IN your heart.

    Your friends, family, and we perfect strangers that have been drawn to you, naturally want to hear about how the boys are growing, and how life is for you all, but it should never be something that turns into a chore that is stressed over, or apologized for if you don’t blog as often. 😉

  3. I felt the same way about college – it just took all my concentration and for a little while destroyed my love of reading. I’m glad you’ve gotten back on the bandwagon though – there’s such peace and knowledge to be found in the pages of a book!

  4. Years without diapers or tantrums…wow…I can’t even think of what that is going to be like! Good to know some day it will not take me months to finish a good book:)

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