Why is beauty so beautiful? Because ugliness is vile.
Would darkness seem dark unless you’d seen light for a while?
How can you know that you’ve fallen down
Unless there’s an “up” from that spot on the ground?

For there to be healing something must break.
“Empty” must be, if there is a “replete.”
There has to be wellness to experience ache.
What would bitterness be if we never knew sweet?

Sunrise comes once if the sun never sets.
Would we celebrate credit if we never had debts?
What is wrong in the world is our proof that there’s right,
The mere fact that there’s weakness proves there is might.
God set things in motion and called it all “good,”
Man swiftly abused it in every way that he could.

But our God is The God who shows light from the shadows,
He desolates kings and has compassion on widows.
The hardest of hearts He softens with grace,
While the crumpled in spirit He sets on a firm place.

He clears muddied vision with the dust of the earth
And heralds His glory in a stable-bed birth.
He’s the God who upends every preconceived leaning
that attempts to imbue us with some sense of meaning,
He’s the God who confounds and confuses the wise,
the One who makes truth seekers out of tellers of lies.
The wise He will shame with the faith of a child.
The pure spotless lamb by our sins was defiled.

He’s the God who was bruised that we might be healed,
the One who in the form of a man was revealed,
He’s the God who inclusively made an exclusive truth claim
He’s the God of the universe who knows me by name.

5 thoughts on “Who is this God?

  1. Yes, I do Mom. :^) I actually had to work on this one. It didn’t flow quite as readily as other poems have. I was inspired by a single line from a song that someone posted on their FB today and decided I needed to wax poetic on the subject.

  2. Nan, I’d love to use the poem for our ladies retreat next week. Let me know if that’s possible. Don’t know if I made it better/worse/same, but I did a bit of proofing on it, if you’d like I could email it to you for approval/changes before using it.:) I know it was a bit presumptuous of me, but hope you don’t mind (I’ve got a Lit. background have done editing for quite a few people). my email is lessonsbyrita at yahoo dot com.

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