I have learned a new song this past week and I am rather ODing on it at this point.  I really like ODing on songs of praise to our God.  I don’t think I can quite do it often enough.  Something tells me I won’t get bored at all with all the constant praise going on in glory…  This is the new song. I’m so thankful that the church seems to be emerging from the praise-song malaise that led to so much awful music (both lyrically, musically and theologically) where WE were at the center of our worship songs. This is perhaps one of the most glorious of recent hymns penned. It’s right up there with A Mighty Fortress is Our God and the music is perhaps (gulp) (((whispering))) even better. And the content… Oh, the content couldn’t be anymore appropriate. We have a high and holy calling indeed. God be praised.

The song prompted me to write a poem of my own. It’s sort of in the same cadence as the song itself actually (primarily I’m guessing because the song has been in my head, on my iPod headphones, on my car stereo, coming out of my mouth, etc.) so some of it may sound a little choppy for a poem.  I don’t think God minds though. :^)

The Vine

Christ is the vine we are the branches
We’re His children who abide in Him
His promise is for those He calls his own
and unto their children after them.

For everyone who calls upon His name
shall be saved to live eternally
and in His presence ever stand in awe
of the grace he’s shown His enemies

He’s given signs by which we see His grace
And with these He does to us commit
He cannot break  a covenant He makes
so the signs are for our benefit.

It was by faith His chosen Isra-el
were raised with Christ up from the dead
Each one of them, though blessed in covenant
had to look in faith to Christ, their head.

Those whom are set apart for Holy use
from the day God puts on them His sign
have to but keep faith in obedience
trusting Christ, His final grand design

Christ is the Vine whose Father grants to Him
all the faithful who affirm His signs
But woe to us if we don’t cling in faith
for we shall be cut off from the vine.

Therefore my heart rejoices in his grace,
and I rest secure in hope today
that He will not abandon us to death
Jesus is our resurrection day!

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