Dear Joyce

Our dear sister Joyce, with you we rejoice
For he’s taken you home and restored your praising voice.
Jesus is yours and not a sigh nor a tear, though we know
if you’d had your way, you’d have gone home last year!

No more pain in your steps as your earthly life you retire,
No more pain in your chest as you join heaven’s choir.
As we grieve and we pray, we know just what you’d say,
“Don’t cry for me friends!  I’ve longed for THIS moving day!”

Though it wasn’t to be and God deemed that you stay,
it wasn’t for naught that He had His own way.
For much to your pain and regret, He at least had in mind
that His body, the church, should in service and love be refined.

Thank you for teaching us through your wisdom and hymns,
thank you for pointing to our richness in Him,
Thank you for fighting the good fight to the end
quite literally at times to the hospital’s chagrin!

Thank you, Joyce, for your love and your fighting spirit!
Thank you for singing God’s truth so we’d hear it!
Thank you for singing out in your quivering voice!
Thank you Lord for blessing us with our dear sister, Joyce!

You fought, and you sang till the end when your voice was a rattle,
Joyce, you’ve fulfilled your namesake, “experienced in battle.”
We know in Heaven Christ met you as you radiantly smiled,
saying, “Welcome home Joyce, well fought, my sweet child.”

In Memory of Joyce McKay, a godly elder saint and friend, who loved her Welsh heritage, her piano, a good cup of tea, her church, her Bible and most of all her Lord and savior, Jesus Christ whom she went to be with on November 5, 2010

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