Who is righteous before our God?
Who can contend with his might?
One could give a thousand answers,
but not a one would be right.

Wise in heart and mighty in strength,
He seals up the stars and rules the sun.
In his anger the mountains he uproots,
for who can ask, “God, what have you done?”

How can I call on Him, how will he hear?
For mercy alone I am pressed to appeal.
But if I call and he answers my voice,
I’ll hardly believe he’s heard my ordeal.

It seems without cause he crushes and wounds,
I cannot so much as catch a breath
when here again I’m pressed down still more
so that now I am praying for death!

What do you want of me, Oh my God?
Do you want me to say that you’re strong?
If that’s it, Lord, Yes, you are mighty and great!
If it’s justice, I know that you do no wrong!

I am fainting before you, I am but a reed,
which barely begins before its own end.
Oh, Lord, I’m afraid, because of my sin,
for I know that I shall be condemned.

If I try to simply put on a good face,
or decide I’ll just be of good cheer,
if I put on a smile, I will feel like a fake
as each morning I wake up in fear.

Oh God, that you would rend the heavens,
and deal with me on my own level,
for you are no man and I cannot contend
with You, myself and the devil.

Oh, that there would be an arbiter,
to stand between me and my God,
a man to lay his hand on us both,
and remove from me his heavy rod!

Oh, that  someone might mediate
and remove from me this terrible dread!
For then alone could I speak without fear
to my God, though my faith is a thread.

Oh, that my words were written down
that they might be inscribed in a book!
Oh, that someone might record my groans
So that when God is revealed, all will look.

For I know that my Redeemer lives,
and at last upon the earth he will stand.
When my flesh is decayed I will see Him myself.
My eyes will behold Him first hand!


Taken from Job 9 and 19, two of my favorite passages from the book of Job.

What are your thoughts?

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