How can I answer the Lord of Hosts?
Behold, I am of lowly account.
I can do nothing but cover my mouth.
Before God to what do I amount?

I’ve spoken once, which was one too much
I will not attempt to answer the Lord.
Should I proceed and answer twice,
the aftermath I could not afford!

I know that indeed you can do all things
and no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
You’ve rightly said that I have not knowledge,
that my accusations cannot be supported.

I have spoken of things I don’t understand,
things too wonderful for me which I didn’t know.
You’ve rightly put me back on the defense,
and dealt me a much needed humbling blow.

Once I had heard of you and thought I knew,
just a name in my ear that I said I’d trust.
But now my eyes see you, I despise myself
and repent in the ashes and dust!


From Job 40 and 42

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