A whirlwind thundered and God spoke aloud
demanding, “Who dares question God?
You speak as if you know my ways,
as if you hold my measuring rod!

Tell, me if you understand it all!
Where were you when I laid out the earth,
when the sea was established in form?
Where were you on the day of its birth?

Do you know how I made and measured it all?
It seems as if you think you must know!
Were you there when all the angelic hosts
shouted and sang at creation’s show?

Do the skies obey your little voice,
or the mornings come at your command?
And that you may shake the wicked from it
does the earth quake in the palm of your hand?

Tell me, Oh man, where does light come from,
and where is the entrance to darkness’s gate?
I’m guessing you’ve got it all figured out
since you were born then, your days are so great!

Who waters the desert that grass may grow
in a desolate land where no man has set foot?
Who makes the rain fall in places so cold
that it falls and freezes and there it stays put?

Do you move the constellations in season
or paint pictures of beauty into the skies?
Did you establish the heavenly dance?
Can you with a word make the flood waters rise?

Who puts wisdom in the hearts of man
and understanding in the human mind?
Do you feed the animals of the earth?
Is this world something that you designed?

Point your tiny finger at me, Oh man,
question Almighty God if you must.
But the man who argues with God,
let him answer back, knowing that he is dust.

Put on your armor like a real man
and I will ask the questions of you.
Then you will make it known to me,
all the answers from your point of view!

Will you condemn me, show me I’m wrong?
Will you establish yourself in the right?
Have you an arm of power like God?
Does your voice thunder in fearsome might?

Are majesty and dignity the garbs you put on?
I’d like to watch this and see how it goes!
Pour out your wrath, abasing the proud,
putting on glory and crushing your foes!

Look on the proud and bring them low,
tread down the wicked wherever they be,
Press them down in the dust of the earth, Oh man.
Bind their faces below for eternity.

If you are so right and can do all of this,
I will acknowledge that you don’t need me,
and can save your self by your own right hand.
Can you show me your might so convincingly?

Look upon my creatures both small and great,
look at behemoth in his magnificent power.
His tail like a tree, his bones like bronze,
the strength in his belly, his legs like a tower.

Look at his size!  But he eats grass like an ox!
He finds shade ‘neath a tree in the open air.
He fears not the river as it rushes like mad,
Do you think you will pierce his nose with a snare?

The Leviathan I’ve made is so exceedingly grand.
Will you take him as a pet or tame him like cattle?
Try if you like to. Lay your hands on him once.
You won’t do it again as you remember the battle!

There is no man on earth that can even contend
with this blazing creature that swims in the sea,
with his impervious armor and fiery breath,
Who then is he who can stand before me?

Taken from Job 38-41

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