Oh Christian, take heart, no need for despair
for hope is the thing that is filling the air!
No fear for tomorrow or what is to come
for Christ is the King and earth his Kingdom!

At Christmas we hear the songs of the king
the babe in the manger who changed everything.
We hear “peace on earth” and “Joy to the world,”
Oh Christian believe it, peace is coming unfurled!

Why do we fear that things must get worse,
sins’ sorrows increasing the effects of the curse?
His Kingdom is here, with Christ we reign as we bow,
co-heirs doing battle with our servant King now!

Trusting His promises, we follow His lead
saying, “Yes,” and “Amen” to Him we accede.
“All authority in Heaven and earth, it is mine.”
He gave us our orders and set the goal line.

To the ends of the earth, may His glory expand,
He is reigning victorious at the Father’s right hand.
Satan is bound by a chain, the nations naught to mislead.
Against the Church, hell itself will never succeed!

Ascending to heaven in God’s presence of Clouds
The Ancient of Days crowned Him ‘midst heavenly crowds,
giving dominion, glory and kingdom o’er this earth,
effecting hope that had dawned on the day of his birth.

Kings brought their presents of incense and gold
fulfilling the Psalms and the prophets of old.
They were ushering in the King that rules over all
though faithless eyes see but a homeless babe in a stall.

May his fame increase as long as the sun may endure,
may His name be blessed, and the nations made pure.
In His day, may peace abound till the moon be no more,
and His dominion increase reaching from shore to shore.

Rejoice, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, Jerusalem!
Behold your King has come to bless, not to condemn!
Full of salvation, humble, riding on the donkey’s foal,
speaking peace to the nations, His dominion is full!

The small stone that struck the statue on the Roman boot
is becoming a mountain, filling earth, taking root.
He is tearing down strongholds, His Kingdom to build,
with his kingdom of servants this world will be filled.

Chosen people, take heart, for yours is the labor
to reign o’er the nations, with The Truth as your saber.
For He is the conqueror and what He promised He’ll do,
By the power of His Spirit the earth He’ll subdue.

Taken from Psalm 72, Daniel 7 and Zechariah 9

What are your thoughts?

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