Last week we did a pumpkin cooking day so we’d all have lots of pumpkin puree to do with whatever our hearts desire.  I love the smell of pumpkins cooking.  And I love how pretty they are after they are cooked.



Oh and before I go any further, I have to introduce you to Mom’s newest pets.  Henrietta (Henny), Penelope (Penny) and Agatha (Aggie).


They don’t mind us calling them city chicks.

the girls 2

So long as they get lots of feed and scraps they are happy.

the girls

So… pumpkins…


Steaming wonderful pumpkinness.



So rich.


I think we ended up with a good 12 bags for freezing.  And I’m pretty sure we’re not even half-way through the pumpkins that my sister grew in her backyard patch.


Pumpkin pie and pumpkin products all year round should keep my hubby (who would turn quite quickly into an over-sized, well dressed Oompa Loompa if left unsupervised in a world of pumpkin products) happy as a clam.

What are your thoughts?

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