Jesus, the true Adam
Jesus, the true Joshua
Jesus, the true Moses
Jesus, the true Israel
Jesus, our Immanuel

Israel once fled to Egypt’s gleams
during famine in their own lands.
God ordained it through Joseph’s dreams
and Israel’s sons’ corrupted hands.

Jesus was ushered to Egypt too.
Corruption of Israel’s “sons,” it  would seem,
was the reason the family flew,
wrought by Joseph’s heavenly dream.

Israel was a threat to Pharaoh’s power
so Moses was tucked and hidden at bay.
Jesus’ birth was a threat to Herod’s hour
and had to be hurriedly whisked away.

Israel, enslaved in Egypt’s land
God’s wonders and signs they did see
then they were led out at God’s command
baptized as they passed through the sea.

They grew up in Egypt as human chattel,
but God showed favor and did deliver.
When he was grown up and ready for battle
Jesus was baptized by John in the River.

To Israel, on Sinai, the law He spoke
God’s love for His people disclosed.
On the Mount Jesus certainly did not revoke
the law but its heart He exposed.

Israel wandered 40 years in distress
tempted and tried and failing ever.
Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness
tempted and tried and failing never!

The promised Messiah, God’s one true son,
Israel showed us in shadows and type
has fulfilled all that Israel, unfaithful one,
could not even grasp when the time was ripe.

The promised Messiah will bring to fruition
every covenant promise and ancient sign.
His name is Jesus and He’s on a heavenly mission,
to renew this world, starting with your heart and mine.

From Matthew 2-5, Exodus
All of the Old Testament is about Jesus.  It’s more than moral tales of who we ought and ought not to emulate.  It is a glorious picture of Christ so that His people who are called by His name might fall down at His feet and worship Him.

Did you know that Joseph’s (Jesus’ father) Father was named Jacob?  Just like Joseph in the Old Testament Jacob had Joseph.  In both instances the Joseph involved had dreams that ultimately, along with the evil schemes of Jacob’s other sons to kill, led to Israelites and then Jesus, the true Israel, being brought to Egypt for safety.

What are your thoughts?

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