After doing some school work this morning we went to San Francisco again, this time to go out to lunch with my parents and my man’s Dad.  He couldn’t remember if he had actually ever been to San Francisco so for all intents and purposes it was his first time there.




We didn’t gallivant too much.  Just poked around in the familiar general vicinity of Alioto’s.


Looked at the WWII submarine.


sf gpas

Walked through the always entertaining Musée Mécanique.


I’ve posted about it before but it’s basically a whole pier filled with antique mechanical carnival games and music boxes.  So much fun and especially loud when you go through with a man like my Father who giggles like a school boy as he goes around putting quarters in as many of the games and music machines as possible.  We caught him just standing there chuckling as the sound reached a grand crescendo.  The kids sure enjoyed Grandpa’s antics!


We went to Fisherman’s Grotto #9 for lunch.  My Dad has been taking us all there since before I can remember.


The place hasn’t changed a single bit.  Same carpet, same furniture, same everything.  It’s like stepping back in time.  I’m not a big fish eater so I always end up ordering something like spaghetti.  Today I went wild and had a tuna salad sandwich.


And of course there is yummy San Francisco Sourdough bread while we wait for our meals.



And very silly children to keep us entertained.

sfb tobasco

But, see, they can be serious only moments later.  Here he was looking off in the distance at the cemetery that was in the movie Vertigo.


You can’t tell from here but it’s just a short distance (as the crow flies… in SF traffic it’s probably not so short a distance!) beyond the boats.

sf boats1

It was a brisk sprinkly day in the city, but nice and not very busy, which is always nice.

On another note entirely, and in a much greater volume of traffic….

Last week my Mom and sister and I all went to the San Francisco Symphony to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah.  It was so lovely and beautiful.  I was amazed the whole time at how a crowd of people from all walks of life will still gather hundreds of years later to hear the gospel throughout the scriptures sung beautifully.  It reminded me of how very important it is for Christians to be a strong presence in the arts.  As Handel’s work proves, one never knows what an impact their work might have on the world.  It was so neat to spend the evening with my Mom and sister in this way (even though my shoes were killing my feet… there is no such thing as comfortable dress shoes when it comes to me, I’m afraid), but still better to know that even those who may just come to such a performance for its cultural significance or for the musical brilliance, that they are hearing the gospel so beautifully proclaimed.  It’s my second time seeing Handel’s Messiah live and I have been brought to tears both times by its beauty both in word and sound.

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