Life has such a way of sneaking up on you and getting busy doesn’t it?  I for one like it.  And then I experience the relief of getting back to routine.  It’s all just a matter of riding the waves on the peaks and the troughs.  This past year has been more of a ride than ever.  My one perpetual comfort is in knowing that while life is a ride, it is not a free fall, God has us on belays.  Wow.  I just mixed like four different metaphors in two sentences.  But hey, it’s been that kind of year.  Belays on?  On belay.  Climbing.  Climb on.  Eject!  Swim for your life!  Get on board!  JUMP!  Where am I?  How did I get here.  Can someone inform me which way is up?  Am I making you dizzy?  Sorry.

Christmas was a whirlwind but a welcome break from school.  We baked cookies, spent lots of time with family, enjoyed keeping secrets (the good kind), celebrated Advent, sang songs of the season and were blessed in all of it.

I haven’t finished going through all of my December pictures yet but here is a little smattering, mostly from Christmas day.

My father-in-law on the left there came from Arkansas and spent two weeks out here.  It was nice having him here and the kids really enjoyed seeing their Grandpa again.  I know for a fact that our Christmas was probably one of the loudest he’s experienced in quite a while (if ever).  On the right is a family friend that we all love having around mostly because he’s just a great guy and has been a long time friend of my older brother, but a side benefit is that he tends to bring good wine with him when he comes.  These two were certainly the calm ones in the relative (mostly cheerful) chaos that is my family of origin which grows in size, and therefore volume, every year.


My step-niece, the one whom I dubbed Santa for the festivities (because she happened to be sitting nearest the tree and the way was blocked for most the rest of us.)  She is much sweeter and lovelier and cuter than Santa though. :^)



My brother looking on at the mayhem that is Christmas with 9 small children!


Children going nutso over the sweet gifts that Grandma put together for them. (This was by far the loudest part of the morning/day.)



Our awesome Christmas table that managed to seat 23 people (24 if you include the one fetus in attendance).




My lovely little nieces in their cute little winter sweaters.





Here’s my man sporting the presents that I got for him.  And I must point out that I kept them both a secret until he opened them. This might be a first in our entire relationship.  Let’s just say that I’m an active believer that husbands and wives shouldn’t keep secrets from each other and that seems to extend to birthday and Christmas gifts.

geek daddy

A copper guitar pick necklace with “Daddy, You Rock” engraved on it.  Got that from a very talented lady who runs this Etsy shop.

geek daddy2

Hubba hubba.  I’m getting all hot and bothered.  I better stop here.  It’s probably that GEEK in Greek shirt.  What a turn on.  My hunky Geeky Hot Pastor.  ((((somebody get me a fan))))

4 thoughts on “Christmas ‘n’ stuff

  1. @Charlene! Hahahahahahahaha! You are funny! This is how rumors get started isn’t it? No, my sister in law is pregnant. :^D But I will let you in on something, we are looking into becoming foster parents as are my sister and brother-in-law so family gatherings are bound to keep getting bigger!

    @Christina – you certainly have my niece’s number. She is a pill and a half. SO stinkin’ cute and much better now that she’s finally talking but OH boy… you’ve never seen a temper on a child like on this one. She’s a corker.

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