There is a longing that runs terribly deep.
Like a rivulet running down a mountain steep
wants to reach the sea’s encompassing embrace
so the transformed heart longs for human grace;
Grace divinely given but humanly applied,
His Kingdom come in coming alongside.

Life together, communion’s design,
a body united as grapes on the vine,
the body of Christ that was given for us
that we might be one in Christ Jesus;
this the longing, to be an integral part
of a body of believers with Christ at its heart.

Man is a body, and so the son of man —
who was raised in a body.  For this was His plan.
We take His body as in Him we commune
with the body, His Church and our God Triune.
One day we’ll be raised in the body, real bodies of flesh,
as He was raised that day in His body in glory afresh.

No shame may be placed on Christians who sense
and yearn in their hearts for the physical presence
of brothers and sisters who share in God’s grace,
for such longings bring joy to our Father’s face.
The prisoner, the sick, the exiles who plod,
see in the face of a brother or sister, the smile of God.

Though this beautiful gift of communion in Christ
might be taken for granted or quickly “unspliced,”
those who suffer in solitude who read “love one another”
as they weep alone for the face of Christ in a brother,
know better than worshipers in crowds great and broad,
how precious to one another are the children of God.

Inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together (pp. 19-20)

3 thoughts on “Life Together

  1. The more you read the better you write. Bonhoeffer’s suffering and loneliness has borne so much fruit in those who have followed him. Well put, Daughter. Particularly like this line: a body of believers with Christ at its heart.

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