I finally managed to update my WordPress version (through fear and trembling and an hour long live chat with my web-host support).  I also decided to try out another look.  I may go back or change things around yet again.  I don’t have the color or font options I’d like for the sidebar but I’m trying to decide how much I care.   What do you think?  I like how open it feels compared to the other one.  I also am liking the static header.  Might be easier for those with smaller monitors.

In other news, we are off to an informational meeting tonight on becoming foster parents (for infants).  Please pray for wisdom for us as we pray and work our way through this process.  We want to follow God’s lead and be open to whatever He wants for us.  I’m nervous and excited at the prospect. Please also keep praying for permanent income producing work for my husband to do.  We are continuing to trust that God has a good plan and has brought us back home because He really wants us here.  But a year after making this decision and many months after making the move, we are still just having to trust as we work that God has it all under control and that He won’t ever leave us or forsake us.

Also, by way of an update, I am doing well now as far as sleep and am on medication that makes it possible for me to fall asleep with little to no jerks each night.  We also pray that this continues and for total reprieve so that the medication (low a dose as it is) would not eventually be necessary.

I know I have a very small faithful following now on this here blog, so thanks for stickin’ with me through all our changes!  I’ll just keep posting as I am able; pictures, poems and ramblings.

6 thoughts on “New Look… and other items

  1. Hey Nancy, I haven’t commented in forever it seems. But I still follow you in googlereader. I always enjoy your posts and sorry I don’t come over to thank you more. I’ll be praying for your special family.

    My hubby and I moved to CA too. We moved from NY out here to Cali a year ago this past October.

    P.S. I really like what you’ve done here on your blog home page. It’s so pretty.

  2. I love the new look!
    And I wanted to encourage you to be inspired by Ree and her book about Charlie! I hope you pursue whatever dreams you have as far as publishing goes!!

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