I have silly boys.  They are funny and witty and artistic and creative and all the wonderful (and maddening) things that come along with that kind of personality.  They surprise me with their creations.  Sometimes I’m floored by the ingenuity.  And then other times I just scratch my head and wonder.  And then let out a raucous belly laugh.  They are silly boys.

This one recently decided that he was going to make some super hero attire out of duct tape.  He has made many things out of duct tape; shields, boots, helmets, swords to name a few.  He decided this time that he needed some super hero undies, though I think ovies is a better name because super heroes have this strange habit of wearing their undies over their tights.  Super heroes are gross.  Here is the result.


Silly boy.  Silly, silly boy.



I felt as though I had really “arrived” as a boy Mom when I consented to sewing a button onto this rubberized industrial super hero diaper.  I’m convinced that only the deep and abiding love of a mother could compel someone to do such a task.


It’s the same kind of deep and abiding love that causes a Mom to consent to a Photoshop project like this one also.

For what mother could resist the request, “Mom, I bit a snowman into my apple.  Can you make it look like a snow man in Photoshop?”  What else are winter days for after all?

snowman apple

Lastly I have to share this years pictures of the boys and Grandpa.  Last year it was the “Grandpa hats” on our front porch in Calgary. This year it was just our regular clothes on our front lawn in California.  Crazy how different life is just one year later.

b and g 2

boys and grandpa 2010

S and B


In other news, the information meeting about foster care last night was not very encouraging, to say the least, due to some discriminatory policies that were clearly stated against “evangelical” Christians.  We were taken aback by the statements that were made and are saddened that we feel we are not welcome to help care for the children in our community in this way because of our religious beliefs but we are praying that God will make a way for us to do foster care at some point in his way and his timing.

8 thoughts on “Silly Boys

  1. That is BEYOND hilarious! Love those duct tape ovies. Enjoyed catching up on your blog too. I always love seeing your awesome photos. I like the one of the boys and men in SF…most of them wearing newsboy caps…makes me think of grandpa hats! And good job getting your hubby an awesome Christmas gift. Every surprise gift I’ve ever gotten Michael has turned out to be a dud. I’ve totally given up–he’s so much happier with a gift certificate to Amazon. 😛

  2. “Super heroes are gross” – totally hilarious, and “rubberized industrial super hero diaper” – one of the most well-crafted phrases I’ve seen on any blog!!

    I am so sad to hear about the foster care meeting. I will pray for you guys.

  3. Thanks girls! :^D

    @Christina(fivewalkers) – Thank you for appreciating my wordsmithing. I was quite proud of those lines in particular. LOL

  4. Hi, I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now but don’t think I have ever commented.
    My parents and my husband and I are foster parents in the state of AZ. We are homeschooling Christians and have never had a problem with anyone not wanting us to be fosterparents. Infact they begged my husband and I to do it even though we were living in a 1 room apt with 3 kids. We have since found a bigger house and currently have 2 boys ages 2 & 3 in addition to our 5 kids (soon to be 6 in a few weeks)
    Do you mind me asking what they specifically said to imply that?
    Feel free to email me privately if you would prefer

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