This was a day.  I realize how banal of a post title that is.  But the day was not banal.  Of course, it could have been far less banal, (I’m sorry, are you getting tired of the word banal? Banal banal banal banal banal) that is, it could have been even more eventful than it was of course, but it wasn’t banal.  That much can be said for it.

We woke up with the urge to leave the house and eat something unhealthy.  It was between McDonald’s breakfast grease or Hometown doughnuts.  Two of the kids bought their doughnuts to go and the rest of us ate McDonald’s breakfast grease.  McDonald’s really won though because they have a play place in which to run and climb and swing and turn beet red and sweat.  In other words, something just south of Nirvana for small boys.  I have to say, I was impressed that an employee came around giving coffee refills at McDonald’s. That was something I’ve never experienced before.  And the coffee was pretty darn good.  Almost on par with Tim Horton’s.  (Sorry Timmy’s.)  And hometown doughnut shops, for the record, beat Timmy’s any day of the week.  But that’s beside the point since I’m on a diet and trying to avoid doughnuts (but ate McDonald’s grease anyway).  While there we ran into someone that heard my husband give a talk at a local church the other day and he asked him to come speak to the faculty of the school at which he is principal.  That is what I call a divine appointment brought on by the unexplainable desire to ingest empty carbs.

After everyone got hot and sweaty in the play structure, we went to the library and stocked up on good books and a few movies.  Our cable… our free cable which we had called the cable company about several months back saying, “Hello?  Hi.  I think you should know that we are receiving free cable and we did not pay for it and it is coming in nice and clear and it’s totally free and by the way we are not being billed.  You probably want to turn that off right?”  To which they replied, “Cable?  What cable?  We show no cable at that address.  It is not on.”  To which I responded, “Yes, it is.  And I don’t want to some day get a bill for it.”  To which they assured, “Oh no.  That will never happen. That will definitely not happen.”  So we went forth and enjoyed free cable for 8 months.  And then yesterday we came home and it was gone. I guess they finally found the switch and flipped it.  We’re not really too bummed though because we have Netflix through the Wii and the kids can watch all their favorite nerd shows on there; Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Bear Grylls, etc.  And I can watch Biggest Loser on

So we stocked up on books and movies.  I got an Anne Bronte book because they didn’t have Jane Eyre and I can’t find my copy of it anywhere which is very frustrating.  I started reading it in 12th grade and somehow mislaid it between then and now and I really want to pick it back up and finish it. I think I left off mid-way through chapter 3.  I also picked up Alexander McCall Smith’s The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs.  Alexander McCall Smith is one of my most favorite living authors.  He is a literary and comic genius.  Then we headed home.

When we got home we turned on the computer only to discover something very disconcerting.  It’s life had been zapped.  The hard drive was toast.  Dead.  Crashed.  Roadkill on the super highway of life.  But you know what?  I didn’t freak out because I have an external hard drive and Time Machine does regular backups.  The computer had been acting funny for a few weeks (locking up now and then) and had been running very, very slowly for quite a while as it just did not have enough memory or hard drive space no matter how much I tried to clean it up.  We knew there was nothing that could really be done so we called a time of death and decided to get a new computer.  But first I had to go take pictures of my little brother and his Winter Ball date.  But first we had to pass some time which we did by reading.  And though the name might suggest a very serious (just kidding) book, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs is an incredibly funny book which had me laughing my head off on just about every page.  Don’t ask me how the accidental dismemberment of a helpless unfortunate Dachshund could ever be construed as funny but I’m here to tell you that that is what I mean when I say that McCall Smith is a comic genius.  He knows how to make the mundane and the bizarre terribly entertaining.

So then onto taking pictures of my brother and his girlfriend before their big date…





Did I mention, this is my baby brother?  As in, I was 16 when he came home at 2 days old?  As in, I remember him saying things like, “Mom!  Yook at my yips!” when my Mom wasn’t quite catching his meaning?  As in, he was tiny and cute and had about 88 dimples when he smiled?  As in, I have a video recording of him congratulating me at my wedding when he was about 5, “Congratulations Nancy.  And I’m so gwad you got mewwied.”  My baby brother.  Who is 18.  That is all I’m going to say about that.

It was chilly and my fingers were getting numb (yes, even here in California!) so I got just about 12 good shots.

Then we headed over to the Apple Store, which I must say screams, “WHAT RECESSION?!”  It’s like a less moist version of a sardine can, that store.  Any tighter and I’d have started recognizing deodorant brands and identifying those who do not know what deodorant means.  I think they need to expand.  And offer free iPads with the purchase of any desktop computers.  Just because.

Came home, set up the computer and thanked God for the inventors of external hard drives and Time Machine as we watched all of the content from my old dead computer transfer right into the brain of the new computer — nothing lost.  ((sigh))

See, that was my day.  Play by play.  Could certainly have been more dramatic but for a regular old Saturday it wasn’t very banal.

3 thoughts on “A Day

  1. Seeing that you love Alexander McCall Smith, I wondered if your boys had read (or been read to) the “Akimbo” series by the author. My son loved them in 1st and 2nd grade. The stories are about an African boy who gets into many adventures, always including wild animals. Adventure without being scary or violent, hard to find for young boys. Highly recommended!

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