We are watching a documentary called Throw Down Your Heart where Bela Fleck, world renown banjo player, goes to Africa to share music with people from the natal home of the banjo. In this scene Bela and his host sit on an open porch in Uganda and make a new song together after his host shows him where his father is buried next to the family home. These are the words of the impromptu song that his host sings as Bela Fleck plays:

Those of you who can raise children
you should thank God
Because many people produce children
but they fail to raise them.
As for me,  my father didn’t know
that he will leave one time.
Father you should have been there
to see what I have done for the world.
Death has made us suffer.
Death is counting our ribs.
Death which used to be for chickens
is now among us.

The music continues for a few moments more.  Then the son who had lost his Father chokes out the words, “It just comes to me…” and weeps.

Lord, may we listen to the words of his new song and hear the deep wisdom in them.

One thought on “Moving

  1. Isn’t it amazing the beauty of such simple words? He knows what he wants to say and says it in the sparest terms. Knowing the visual that goes with it makes it even better.

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