It’s birthday weekend here.  Friday was my second son’s birthday, today is mine.  And a happy one it is.  I got news via e-mail this morning, after a meeting last week with the owner, that I will be trained as and then move into being a wedding photographer with an amazing wedding photography team, A Perfect Impression.  So my birthday started out just about as well as it possibly could have. What an amazing gift, one that one week ago I would never have guessed was coming my way.  Thank you LORD for your surprises.

But it was already going well as my sister and her family had us over last night for a birthday dinner/dessert, one in which my nieces had planned and performed a very special dance in order to present my hand-made gift to me.  Having boys, I’ve never been treated with such an adorable show.  It was something akin to the Nutcracker, though considerably foreshortened.  They wore their fancy dresses and shoes just for the occasion.  I love living near my sister and her girls.  It’s the closest I’ll ever come to having daughters.  I thank God often for allowing us to experience life with extended family as we never have before.  It’s not always easy but all in all such a blessing.  What a precious gift.

Yesterday morning we went for a family walk at a new location that we’d never been to.  I’ve been wanting to go there for some time as I’d heard wonderful things about it, first amongst them being that there are Redwood Trees there, which are my favorite trees in the world — they are the trees under which I met and fell in love with the Hot Pastor.  I know it might seem silly to some that a variety of tree would evoke such strong memories but the new hike location brought it all back.  We will be going back there many times I foresee.  A lovely gift.

Birthday boy and his brothers who bought him gifts this year.   They love buying gifts for each other with the money they earn.  I love their excitement in giving.

t bday2

t bday3

t bday1

Redwood forest walk…

tr sh br

















3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. I’m a little late! Happy Birthday! Christian had his eighth birthday yesterday, so we’ve been celebrating too. 🙂 I hope your day was followed by a wonderful week. And congratulations on your new job! That is awesome.
    I love the pictures of your boys. Such personalities! They are so cute. 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to write you an email, but…the time is elusive, no? So, I’ll just say it here. Thank you for all of your comments, and your empathy. It seems so silly to be so upset by moving when we are in the same town! I guess for some people any kind of change feels major. So, thank you for listening to me carry on, and for being so understanding and encouraging. I like hearing about your family times. I hope that being near them makes your move much easier (I know you’ve been moved for a while, but I find it takes me quite a while to adjust!).

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