You fashioned us in Imago Dei,
soft moons to the sun’s bright glorious ray.
We see through a glass though dimly light,
a pallid opaque between morning and night.
We are but mirrors all broken and cracked,
your light, we, in imperfect prisms refract.
Coram Deo, we live under your gaze,
though your face yet unseen because of sin’s haze.
Were we to behold a glimpse of glory untold
our faces would glow like the prophets of old,
We’d fall on our faces, white as a sheet,
we’d shout out our failures and die at your feet.
Earthen vessels are we, cracked jars of clay
marred by sin’s curse and the heat of the day.
But God in His mercy has done the inverse,
Christ has taken our likeness to undo the curse.
In Adam your image was unspeakably marred
Mended only in Christ, the ineffably scarred.

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