Stuck-on sparkles, old elastic
metal clips and see-through plastic,
Bits of paper, string and glue,
little flecks of I-love-you.

A stick with arms, some legs, a head,
some frizzled hair (just bits of thread)
“It’s you!” a finger points in ballyhoo
to little marks of I-love-you.

Some hearts float ’round about the air
A rainbow and some words are there.
The sky is green, the ground is blue
on this piece of I-love-you.

The finger points “And look, there’s me!
That tiny speck there. Can you see?”
Squint and turn it upsy-doo
this paper piece of I-love-you.

“Do you like it? Aren’t you pretty?
See, you are big and I’m itty bitty!”
I do, I love this art you drew,
but not as much as I love you!

by Nancy Doud



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