Gentle Shepherd, fierce protector
bind my wounds, my soul inspector.
Table turner, Humble servant
break my heart, and crush the serpent.
Sea Commander, water walker
calm my spirit as I falter.
Gracious Savior, sin’s contender
grant my heart a calm surrender.
King anointed, older brother
let me never serve another.
World creator, people buyer,
wash me with water and with fire.
First and Last, my one foundation
grant me joy in your salvation.
Friend of Sinners, only Door
pour on me your mercy’s store.
Great High Priest, my Living Head
Firstborn from among the dead,
Teacher, Guide and Living Fountain,
Stone that grew into a mountain,
Heir of all things, Hiding Place,
Author of the human Race,
Root of Jesse, Holy One,
Kinsman Redeemer, God’s own Son,
Ransom for sinners, One true Vine,
Bread of Life and poured out Wine,
Lamb of God, and roaring lion,
Praise to thee Oh God of Zion!

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