Oh my. I had a dream within a dream this morning. Dreamed an alien ship was landing in Mom and Dad’s front yard, I was only half awake but I had to get a picture. Couldn’t lift the camera all the way (too heavy) but it was always half-way in front of my eye the whole time anyway so I could never see anything but shafts of light. Tried and tried to take a picture but then found myself in bed trying to wake up from an impossibly heavy sleep. As I was trying to pry my eyes opened I saw the same somewhat shrouded but blinding shafts of light and then discovered I had my camera in my hands and the shafts of light were from the blinds in the window. I figured I had sleep walked and gotten my camera and was now clutching it. I was awake enough to talk to my husband. “Did I sleep walk and get my camera?!” (If you know anything about my sleep disorder issues you will know that this was not as crazy a question or possibility as it might seem!) But I was only talking in my sleep in my dream. I didn’t actually talk in my sleep in the morning when I was having this dream though I had talked in my sleep for real much earlier in the night. Weird and hard to follow, I know.

Suddenly my Mom and Dad’s cat, Tigah, jumped up on the bed next to me and I welcomed him and I was further roused. This is when I thought I was actually waking up from the dream. But something wasn’t right. I was obviously sleeping in my parent’s guest room bed, hence their cat. I pried my eyes open a little bit more to find that yes, I was indeed “waking up” in my parent’s guest room, not my own. I kept trying to lift the camera fully to take a picture of the light shafts when I heard my Mom, sitting at her guest-room desk (which IRL has no computer) telling me to leave her alone and not ask so much of her because she was VERY busy with EXTREMELY important things. I managed to focus on what she was doing on the computer and found that she was playing a Star Wars game in which a picture of a Star Wars character flashes on the screen and you have to fill in a blank field with their names as quickly as possible. She was obviously obsessed and wouldn’t take her eyes off of the game and somehow I knew that this was the only thing she did all day, ever. Because I remembered (the me in the dream that is) her having told me that she really wanted to learn all the characters in the Star Wars movies by heart.

So I was then trying to take a picture of her at her computer because it was so funny. The camera kept somewhat obstructing my eye so that all of this was seen as though I was being pressed down by a very heavy “force” so that I was not only trying to take a picture but simultaneously get this heavy force (my eyelids, in real life, I think) to lift and to remove this strange black obstruction, was it really a camera or something cloth? I was lifting the corner of it but the light shafts kept blinding me and I’d put the flap back down, succumbing to the heaviness, and it would be a giant camera in my hands again. Somehow, in the dream (after waking up in the dream), I was suddenly on the front porch of my parent’s house in the darkness with my Mom and the now relatively ignored shafts of light coming from the spaceship shining down on the lawn still, when my sister came walking out of the front door putting on a sweater, obviously trying to conceal something. She was half laughing and I knew that she was unexpectedly pregnant so I said, “Are you pregnant?” She half-laughed (but wanted to cry) and said, “Yes.” I knew she had gotten her tubes tied so I asked about that and she told me that, no, she had not in fact gotten them tied but was really certain she wouldn’t get pregnant. I still was clutching my camera.

Then I was back in the bed trying to lift the obstruction away from my eyes again and raise these impossibly heavy cinder-block weights from off of my body and eyelids when finally I succeeded at taking off my eye covers (which I sleep with every night) and actually waking up.

How could I not share a crazy dream like that?!

2 thoughts on “A Dweam Wiffin A Dweam…

  1. Oh my…I am so glad you wrote that down. I hope it’s all right, but I was laughing at your, um, experience. This was so funny: ‘all of this was seen as though I was being pressed down by a very heavy “force”’ following the Star Wars stuff. Dreams are so crazy.

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