I haven’t mentioned it on here (though if you are a Facebook friend of mine you probably already know) but I have been pining for a kitty for quite a while now.  My parent’s cat, Tigah, awoke my love for cats because he is just the sweetest kitty.  Well, now I might say he’s the second sweetest kitty because Cupcake has entered my life.


We went down to the local SPCA having looked at her online already. I had a handful of kitties that I wanted to meet but she was number one on my list. I fell in love with her the minute we walked into her little dorm room. She shared the room with three other kitties but the very second all of us walked in (my boys and I) she jumped off her cat tree and walked up to us and rubbed her head on every one of our legs and then proceeded to flop over on her back for a belly rub like a love-muffin of a dog. But she’s not a love-muffin. She’s a cupcake!



She is settling right in up in our room for the first week. We want to let her get to know her new surroundings slowly, especially the new surrounding of a big dopey golden retriever named Bruce.


She has chosen the top of my husband’s dresser as her favorite spot already so I stuck her bed up there. This way she is able to observe the doggy in the room while feeling safe and out of his reach. It might take her a few weeks or so to be willing to meet him on more personal terms but she is such an extroverted kitty I have a feeling she will come around eventually even if it takes some coaxing.



I’m so happy that she has no fear of the boys. She thinks they are all just there for her to rub her head on whenever she walks by them.


I’m happy, I have my Cupcake. And I’m even more happy that my hubby really likes Cupcake.

In other news, life is crazy and busy and never dull and always exciting and full of activity and adventure and new opportunities. The Hot Pastor is keeping very busy between three(ish) jobs. He barely has a minute to sit down and think let alone feel unemployed to any extent! We are so thankful for God’s provision. We are also super excited as I have also been hired by a wedding photography company and am in training right now. I should go “live” as a second shooter near the end of May. Again, God provides and in such amazing and wonderful ways!

In OTHER news….. I’m an Auntie again! My brother’s wife gave birth to their first daughter (her fifth time giving birth and her 7th child thanks to adoption before her first husband passed away). What a blessing little Cora is to them. We are so thankful for her safe arrival.


It’s so wonderful seeing my brother get to be a Daddy.




IN OTHER NEWS… I got some really cute pictures of the kids lately. But that’s for another time. I think you’ve had enough news.

Except for this. This is just a funny little quote from children today.

One of my son’s really loves Ireland. He came by this love of Ireland naturally as Shawn and I both love Ireland (as a concept anyway, since neither of us have been there). Today he said, “I hope that my wife is Irish. I want my children to be full Irish.” (Nevermind that they have no chance of being that since we are European mutts). I told him, “Honey, it shouldn’t matter to you what nationality your wife is as long as you love her, she loves you and you both love Jesus. She could be Chinese, African, Indian… anything.” When I finished saying this my five year old piped up with, “Yeah. Plus, you want to make sure she isn’t smuggling a lot of stuff either!” I busted out laughing of course and asked him where on earth he learned about smuggling. My 10 year old then answered, “Oh, you know. From the news.” (Should I mention we don’t have real t.v.? Only Netflix.) “I just taught him about smuggling the other day.” I guess that subscription to the Wall Street Journal is paying off! (Thanks Grandma!)

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