3 thoughts on “Everybody Wants to be a Cat

  1. I like how Bruce is laying there but NOT sleeping. Ah, the cat is but NOT Bruce. He’s no dummy! Overall, the first meeting looked rather uneventful and I hope they have years of fun together!

  2. Yeah, he’s gotten thwapped a couple of times so he’s completely scared of her. When I make them be near each other, he tries to stuff his face into the nearest corner or as far into my lap as possible, like he’s saying, “Mommy!! Why doesn’t she like me? She’s scewwy!!” She’s already trying to play with him a little but she doesn’t want him nearing her food/litter box. Those offenses are grounds for a snout thwap.

  3. so you were serious about getting cupcake! now you can print your sign! lol. i should warn cupcake about bruce regarding some ahem personal issues…

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