• I love my kitty, Cupcake.  She is sweet and precious and only sassy no more than twice a day.  I love it that she starts out sleeping in her bed and then, after her morning ablutions,  ends up sleeping on my legs and then once she knows I’m awake decides it’s time to come and curl up right next to me (she likes to climb under the covers) and welcome me into the daylight with her soft motoring purr.  She is growing more and more tolerant of Bruce and now and then she decides she might just like him.  She has reached out and touched his paw with hers a few times and today she rubbed her head up against him.  Once he stops being afraid of her (she wisely put the fear of God in him from the start with a couple of right hooks to the jowls) I think they will be good pals.  Hey!  That rhymed!
  • Tomorrow I will work my second wedding as I continue training with A Perfect Impression.  I’m looking forward to it even though the forecast is calling for something on the level of cats and dogs, I believe.  Hopefully it clears up in the evening.  Either way, I’m looking forward to getting more and more experience at each of these events that I attend before officially being “on the job.”  Pray for my quads and glutes because I’m here to tell you that wedding photography (if you didn’t already know this) is a serious workout in the deep-knee-bends-department!
  • We’re moving!  Happily, we are moving just a few minutes drive away.  Happily it is back into a location where we can actually get cell phone reception (strange what a few little bumpy hills can do to cell phone reception!)  Happily it is a location where we will be spending $400 less a month in rent.  Happily it is a place where we will feel right at home because… well… it’s part of my natal home.  Yes, we are moving into the house in my parent’s backyard (they have a large lot), the same property to which I was brought home from the hospital.  It’s a house built over what was once my Mother’s sprawling garden with fruit trees and artichokes and rabbit hutches.  It is the house that my Dad built for my Grandma.  She lived in it for 20 years — a house filled with many sweet memories for me already because of being able to grow up next door to my Grandma.  It is a house that screams pudding cups and Shirley Temple, AMC and baking cakes.  It’s the last place I saw my Grandma as she cheerfully swung her feet and wiggled her toes from her fancy chair in the corner.  And now my kids get to grow up in that house and next door to their Grandma and Grandpa who still live in the house where I lived.
    During a period of unemployment eight years ago The Hot Pastor and I and our two little baby boys moved into an adjacent little room that at one time was my Dad’s workshop but had long before been renovated as an extra room/office.  It’s crazy that eight years later we are sort of coming full circle.  Next month will be a very busy one filled with packing and painting and cleaning and packing and homeschooling and packing and painting and cleaning and state testing and Oh, did I mention packing?!  It’s going to be B-I-Z-Z-Y!  I’m praying that God continues to bless my man’s efforts and desires to minister wherever God calls and leads so that we are able to live there for a very long time because I can tell you one thing, I am SO over moving.  Even my 9 year old, after this next move, will have lived in 8 different places in his short life!  Add 2 more for the total of places we’ve lived since getting married almost 14 years ago!
  • God provides.  Not only has God blessed me with this opportunity to work, doing something I am passionate about but He continues blessing my hunky hubby with work and surprising Him with encouraging signs of ministry opportunities as well as keeping him pretty busy working for my Dad doing plumbing.  He seems to have something like 4 jobs and I’m so very thankful for how hard he is working in response to the opportunities God is providing that our family is being sustained.  I’m so thankful for every meal that God provides.  When we left Canada last year not knowing what work we would have or where we would live other than our prayers and our mustard seed faith in our abundantly faithful Father God, we would not have foreseen the myriad ways in which God has seen fit to provide.  We are, as ever, humbled and amazed at His provision.  Please pray with us that God continues to open up more and more opportunities for work for Shawn.
  • I love my boys.  They are such wonderful kids and I am so blessed to be their Mom — even on the days when I want to pull every last one of my hairs out because life with boys can just do that to a Mom sometimes.
  • I’m so thankful for God’s word.  Tonight we started reading Genesis.  Genesis 1, a chapter I’ve read and heard read so often in the course of my life and yet, God continues to reveal new and beautiful truths about Himself and salvation again and again.  Tonight as we read several things struck me.
    The beauty of this struck me; “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” It reminded me of the beauty of another passage before the other most momentous of times.  “And the angel answered her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy—the Son of God.” The first creation pictured the new creation in Christ; the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters which covered the earth before light and land and life were “born,” almost in an embrace as the Spirit of God overshadowed Mary, the mother of Jesus before The Light and The Life burst forth from her womb.  I love it too that the waters covered the whole earth and that God called back the waters to give birth to the land so that the land we live on itself was born of water as we are in the body, as Christ was in the body and as we are reborn in faith pictured in the waters of Baptism.  It’s certainly possible that I am taking these pictures too far but to me they show the stunning continuity of scripture.  The waters covering the earth reminds me also of the flood wherein the whole earth was once again covered in water allowing for a recreation of sorts.  The imagery of the earth bringing forth the living creatures is beyond words though I think C.S. Lewis imagined it beautifully in his description of how animals came to being in his land of Narnia.
    I’m also reading through I Samuel and the Psalms right now (as well as a new testament book).  It’s really neat to read through the life of David while reading the Psalms, so many of which he wrote.  I’m grasping what so many of those psalms are written about as his life was sought, as he literally had to hide in rocks and caves, “in the shadow of His wings.”  But perhaps one of the most beautiful passages to me recently is how God spread a table for Him (he ate of the priestly bread) as he was in the presence of his enemies — literally.  A servant of Saul, whom we know sought David’s life, watched quietly as David ate the bread before the Lord which not only points to Psalm 23 but to the life of Christ, the greater David, who ate the Bread of the Covenant in the presence of one who would betray Him to those who sought His life.  And then ultimately we see Jesus, the Bread of Life, giving Himself up for us on the cross in the presence of His enemies, preparing a table — the table of the Lord — His body and blood given for us.  My heart sings at the beautiful continuity of scripture.
  • And lastly, I am so ready for all of this Spring sickness to be over with.  Someone in our family has had one thing or another for a month now.  This is wearying and I begin to wonder if it’s the same bug making an encore (though we certainly didn’t call for it!) or if they are all new ones hitting us one on top of the other.  Fortunately we’ve only had to take someone to the doctor once but it all got old real fast — like about three weeks ago!
  • I think that’s all.  Oh, and I’ve somewhat given up Facebook for Lent.  I say “somewhat” because I am merely trying to refrain from posting my thoughts (ie. I still check Facebook a few times a day — though nowhere near as much as when I allow myself to comment and post) and attempting to relearn how to have an inner dialogue like one probably used to do before the advent of social media where it’s all too tempting to think in Facebook (or Twitter for those who like that medium) status updates.  Relearning to ruminate on things and let God form my thoughts more before formulating them for public consumption, though obviously I’m still blogging (albeit infrequently) so I clearly haven’t given the practice up altogether!  Still God is using it.

3 thoughts on “Various and Sundry Thoughts

  1. That is so exciting! We got a cat last year and she likes to come wake me up in the morning with her unusual purr.
    Our six year old has lived at four of five different addresses. Add on another five for Joel and I from our marriage before she was born. I have no desire to move, but at the same time, have come to feel that it’s just the way things are for us.

  2. A lovely comparison — the story in Genesis.

    I had three HORRIBLE colds in three months. Just got over one in time to get awfully sick with the next. First time this has ever happened to me.

    My daughter’s cat lives with us. She finds a warm spot ON my or my husbands body and snuggles in. But not under the covers. She also hovers over my computer — pushes keys and mouse and has even closed the browser when I was mid something. Grrrrr

    So happy that you are being blessed with income and enjoying it as well.

  3. I’m almost breathless…I wish we could sit and have a conversation!
    I love accidental rhymes!
    I wish we could live with or even near family like that! What a blessing this circular path is that you have been on!
    I was stunned by some of the things you said about your Scripture reading, because of some thoughts I had JUST THIS MORNING when I started a new Bible reading journey. Weird! Anyway, I love your connections and the pictures that are painted out for us. Beautiful.
    I hope that you guys get healthy and remain healthy for a long time! Oh, and moving does stink, especially in town, so I pray that you all can get it done efficiently and quickly! (That would be the exact opposite of what we have done…like the Berenstain Bears. “Let this be a lesson to you, this is what you must not do.” haha)

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