My oldest child just turned 11 yesterday. It’s hard to believe I’m old enough to be the parent of a pre-teen. Really hard to believe. As in, I don’t think it’s possible. I’m still 23.

He received art supplies, as per his request, for his birthday.

Paints, brushes, etc.

Today he whipped them all out and started making something.

Everyone was interested.
Bruce and Cupcake

Everyone was tuned in.
C pets

Really, some of them were just itchin’ to get outside and we wouldn’t let them because one of them isn’t supposed to go outside at all because she’s my Cupcake. And the other wasn’t allowed because he’s Bruce the Bumbling Booby who would have trodden upon the colors and trampled purply paint all over the yard and house.
Bruce and Cupcake 2

I love watching my kids grow in their many and varied talents.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Art

  1. Heck, this Ozark Farm Chick isn’t old enough to have a son 36 and a daughter 34 either and eight…yep count ’em eight grandkiddos…I’m still 23 too!!! (at heart!) Heeehehehe! :o)

    What a handsome cowboy ya got there on your hands. Creatively talented too. Happy birthday young man!!! Woohoo, eleven is a great age!

    I just hopped on over here from PW’s place and am so glad I did. Your pictures are amazin’!

    From the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, Ya’ll have a blessed and beautiful day filled with love, laughter and cake baby….heaps of cake! :o)

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