Seriously, this move did. me. in. (Never-mind that it was one of the shortest distance moves I’ve ever made.) Not only was I emotionally toast (so much going into that, I can’t even touch on all of it), I was very nearly physically done in as well. I was sore and exhausted, having done not only a ton of packing but a ton of work on helping renovate the new place. We had not been moved in but two days when I came down with the flu. The real one. The six days of fever, muscle and joint aches, rattly chest congested cough flu. Ugh. Fortunately I woke up today for the first time since Tuesday without a fever. Thank you LORD! That was a nice Mother’s Day present. I still have the cough which I’m sure will stick around for a while but for now I’m just so glad to not feel that yucky skin fever feeling where everything you touch makes you feel like you are wearing an uncomfortable circa 1970’s polyester body suit feeling. Was that a sentence? It was in my mind. Thanks for not hating me. (I realize I’m talking to myself here since I haven’t blogged in 150 years [standard internet time] and all of my blog readers have long since passed away along with any connection they once felt to this lonely little corner of the internet. That’s okay. I’ll just be here prattling on anyways.)

Unfortunately, because of being so sick I have not managed to unpack a large portion of our stuff (though the downstairs is mostly habitable) and I refuse to take pictures of the place until it’s fully complete. We still are working on the kitchen walls also (so what you see in pictures here, if you catch a glimpse of a kitchen wall, is not the finished product!) But since today is Mother’s Day I decided I’d better take out my camera, the poor neglected thing! I haven’t touched a camera since my last wedding training event a few weeks ago, until I went to one yesterday and shot again… and then promptly came home, put on yoga pants and fell in bed for the remainder of the day. But that was yesterday when I, in desperation wrote a poem to my flu. Yes, I did. I know, totally unsurprising, right? I write poems to and about anything. Here is the masterpiece. Try not to cry. It’s replete with symbolism and irony and… well, I won’t ruin it for you.

Are you ready?

Fever, fever go away.
You’ve hung around since mid-Tuesday.
Fever, fever go away!
Please be gone by Mother’s Day!
(and nasty raspy cough and rattly chest congestion…
You can go too.)

It was my finest hour. I’m thinking of having it framed. Like a framed sentiment. Don’t you love framed sentiments? I don’t. Especially when they are only about what you want to be true but actually isn’t. Do I digress? I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been away from this blog for so long, that I actually have loads of empty words to unleash. And some full ones too. Oh… and pictures.
So, as I was saying, Mother’s Day. It was lovely because it didn’t involve anything over 98.8°. In celebration of this and because I had seen this craft on another site earlier in the week and felt that it was too irresistible, I went to Michael’s this morning. (I was still not well enough to go to church as I would have been coughing through the sermon and spraying my flu germs on innocents and communion elements everywhere.) I bought all the needed supplies and then went home and made one of these for my Mom.

button garden 3

And then I put it on her front porch so she’d see it right when she got home from church. Have I mentioned that I love living next door to my parents? It’s sorta different than living 2 or 3 thousand miles away. Or 3 miles away. It’s really nice so far and hopefully, with proper boundaries, it remains that way. Growing up, I lived next door to my Grandma who lived in the house I now live in. Ah, the circle of life. Makes me want to hold a lion cub up to the heavens and sing something in Swahili.

Here’s a little step by step photo tutorial of how I did my button bouquets. It’s so easy. You have my word on this as I only attempt easy crafts. Ever since buying 4 sock monkey kits intended for “Ages 8 and up” and having an impossible time sewing and stuffing the little buggers to the point that I was up until 1:30 a.m. crying that the monkeys wouldn’t be done for Christmas, I’ve been a little gun-shy on crafts. So, this one must be appropriate for the under 8 crowd and those who share their skill level, like yours truly.

First you will gather all your supplies (scissors, floral foam… the kind for fake flowers, a pot or container of your choosing, pre-wired green sticks [don’t ask me the technical term for this… remember, I’m 7], hot glue gun and glue sticks, moss, buttons of varying colors and… I think that’s it.)

My container was the perfect size to use an egg shaped foam insert. It fit perfectly. You may have to cut your foam to fit tightly. I had short and long wired sticks. I put several of each length in where I wanted them, just like you’d do with flowers in any flower arrangement. Make stacks of three or four buttons and stick them on the wire. Run the wire back down through the other hole and then wrap the wire tightly around the neck of the stem. If the flowers are too wobbly it just doesn’t look as good.

bth button craft


Have fun making different color combinations if you want. Or you can go with a more monochromatic theme.






Once you’ve finished wiring all of your button flowers onto their stems, you can add extra filler if you’d like (I found some whimsical type floral things that I thought would look bright and cheerful. I cut them up and made them go much further.) Then you can start gluing on the moss. You can actually add the extra floral fill before or after the moss or not at all if you don’t want any extra.





Really, it’s pretty much that simple.

And they are so darn cute!

button flowers

button garden 3

button garden 4

That’s it. You can find better tutorials all over the internet and all sorts of variations on the basic idea. I just thought I’d share what we did. Most of all, have fun though.

Moss beard

Make yourself a moss beard. It will make you feel years younger. Really.

You want to know what else is ridiculously cute?

A 7 year old who lost two teeth in one week.

one tooth gone 2

toothless tr bw

Also cute is a cat who relies heavily on his human pillow staying in place. This is what happen when said human pillow moves.

my pillow left 2

my pillow left

“Hey… what hap… my pillow… where… I’m confused!”

“Come back pillow!”

This kitty, Tigah, is the reason I really found that I had a deep unmet need for a cat in my life. Hence we have Cupcake as a family member now (and we love her to pieces.) I just love how he is posing here with some of his feline fore-bearers.


They all seem to have that, “I hate family portrait sessions,” look on their faces don’t they?

“May they rest in piece. Perhaps one day I too will be commemorated and forever memorialized on a blue coffee mug.”

cat mug shot 2

“Peace be with you my brothers.”

kitty mug shot 3

3 thoughts on “Hello. I'm alive! (Barely)

  1. Very cute craft! Sorry to hear about the flu, it’s terrible stuff. Hope you continue to feel better. Oh and YEAH for new homes!

  2. I’m here! I’ve missed you! I have checked every couple of days (bad friend, I forgot that your move was imminent) because I don’t like subscribing to RSS feeds. It scares me a little.
    I love your post, and if it helps you feel better you should know that we moved into our new house in January and still have things in our old house. Also? The view from our front door is a double-wide stack of boxes that is also about 7 feet tall and 12 feet deep. This is not an exaggeration, if it were the numbers would be much bigger. Button flower craft? Adorable! Toothless boys? Even more so! I’m glad you are fever free, and I hope you were able to enjoy your Mother’s Day, indeed. 🙂

  3. I’m still here too! Ohmigosh; you are such a Light, you know that?

    We live two doors down from my mother out here on a farm which seems like in the middle of nowhere. We lived right next door, until we got our own house one over from there. Now Mom, who adopts ‘strays’ – people as well as animals hehe – has an elderly man living there (his wife has since moved to a nursing home). I can’t tell you the benefit to our family, my two now-teenage girls, and especially to me, of living next to Mom. I’m so glad the Lord placed us here! Oh, and Dad is pretty special too. The Lord knew what he was doing (What? Well of COURSE he did…) when he brought my (step) dad into our lives.

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