((echo echo echo))

I know.  You all are not even there anymore.  That’s okay.  I still feel like blogging today even though I am the most irregular blogger ever.  And I don’t mean I need some Metamucil.

School has started with a bang.  For the first time in our homeschool history the kids are taking multiple outside courses.  Last year they all took art.  This year I have one taking science, two taking literature/writing and all four taking Spanish (three in Elementary Spanish and one in Spanish I).  I’m still sort of reeling that I have a child taking a high school level foreign language class and that he is in fact in middle school.  It somewhat blows my mind.  I don’t personally believe that I’m old enough to have a child in middle school but there it is.

Today he did his first textbook experiment all on his own.

Meanwhile, in the peanut, er… uh… pistachio gallery…

We’ve been really busy lately.  We have a new family member, an exchange student from China named Andrew.  Yes, it’s a BOY!  No surprise there.  God always gives me boys except when it comes to cats and occasionally dogs. Andrew is a really neat kid and we are happy to have him with us.  He has a great attitude and fits well into our family life, loud and boisterous as we are.  A few weeks ago we all made homemade dumplings together.  I don’t think any of us quite realized just how much work was involved.

Right now we are sort of keeping an eye on my Mom and Dad’s cat while they are out of town.  He comes and meows loudly at us when he is feeling a mite peckish or in need of some liquid sustenance.  He comes cautiously because he knows a certain little Miss Cupcake isn’t so fond of Uncle Tigah.  He sort of acts like an only slightly apologetic house guest who is knowingly overstaying his welcome.  She on the other hand puts on no show of amusement.  She makes no bones about whose turf he is on when he comes inside our house.

He eats rapidly and with gusto.

For he knows her annoyance grows by the minute.

He looks around and cautiously proceeds to gorge himself despite her scowls.

She tries to pretend there is a bird in hopes that he will be persuaded to chase it and finally leave her alone.  Forever.

And yet, he eats.

She looks plaintively at her mother.  “Are you going to do nothing about this?”

“Very well then…”

Uncle Tigah is unmoved.

She pretends to not care.

But she cannot keep up this charade.  She cares.  Very much.

Uncle Tigah licks his chops after finishing off his food (her food, she thinks to herself!).  This is the feline equivalent to an unwanted dinner guest belching loudly, leaning back in his chair and sticking his hand under his belt as if to make more room in his pants for the large portion of food that was just so greedily consumed.

He decides to take a stroll around the room and enters Cupcake’s sacred personal space.  The work space.  Prime cat real estate.

He knows she is not pleased but he is unsure of where else to go.  After all, he has just expended all of his energy eating her… Um… his food!

“Hey there Tigah!”

Nothing to see here… just strolling about.

She looks away in disdain at his audacity and feigned caution.

Feeling backed into a corner he decides to settle in the region of the printer.  Cupcake’s second most holy grail.  For this is where she derives a great amount of pleasure in watching the paper come out.

How dare he try to horn in on her fun!

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

She leaves him little way of escape.  He will have to deal with her one way or another and she is pretty sure she will have her way in the end.  It is only a matter of time.

Finally.  She has him where she wants him.

Uncle Tigah is no longer the overstaying, uninvited, greedy guest.

He is her prisoner!  She holds him in her tiny little clutches even as she lies still and effortless as a morning mist.  Alas, there is no hope at the door for Uncle Tigah.

She declares this place to be her own personal Alcatraz.

He lays down in defeat.

“Victory is mine!” she calmly purrs under her breath.

3 thoughts on “Hello out there…

  1. You are hilarious! And very hospitable! What a fun, interesting and exciting year you are bound to have!
    Your cat story made me laugh, and I am impressed with the placement of the food. Ingenious…makes doing laundry impossible. I like it. 🙂

  2. You crack me up!! LOVED the pictures, and of course the narrative 😉 My fave picture was Uncle Tigah voraciously eating .. the wide-opened jaw, the shadow atop the washer..was fab! Second cat fave, the tail under the desk amidst the wires. Classic.

    The boys are growing soooo faaassst… make it stop! Well, we tried that, but my 16 year old daughter grew a quarter inch since May. Yup. Bricks on her head did not work, alas. She towers over me and caught up to hubby.

    p.s. I have to tell you – every time I see you posting about homeschooling, I live vicariously through you. It’s the classic “if I knew then what I know now’ scenario, with a twist; if I HAD then what we have NOW – resources, technology, support – I would have given homeschooling a shot, especially with my LD 18 yr old daughter. Happily, she is a senior and we are looking into colleges which cater to her needs. God is always good, so we know the path will become clearer as we get closer to it!

  3. LOL, loved this post.

    A foreign exchange student, what a wonderful adventure for you all! I always wanted to host one.

    Middle school, wow. I know the feeling. My oldest son is in 9th grade this year–a high schooler! How did that happen?

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