I’m feeling Dr. Seussy today and have written a little poem in honor of those children who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy.

Cool hair, school hair,
crazy whacked out fool hair.
Fun hair, bun hair,
been out in the sun hair.
Fuzzy hair, buzzy hair,
I don’t even care hair.
Curly hair, swirly hair,
Twirly, whirly, girly hair.
Short hair, long hair,
barely even there hair.
Red hair, blue hair,
don’t know what to do hair.
Purple hair, furple hair,
shmurple wurple twirple hair.
Doggy hair, kitty hair,
country, town and city hair.
Dark hair, fair hair,
blazing like a flare hair.
mohawk hair, fauxhawk hair,
Oops! Electric Shock hair!
Hair bear hair, real bear hair,
borrowed, bought and sold hair.
Nice hair, lice hair,
very highly priced hair.
Skinny hair, fat hair,
mussed up winter hat hair.

Hair, hair, hair, hair
hair, hair, hair.
Do you have some hair up there?
If you do, you lucky few,
to have enough to wear a “do,”
be proud and wear it how you like
up or down or in a spike.
Wear it in a pony tail
or in a bow or under a veil.
Wear it blue like our pal Grover,
Just don’t wear it in a comb-over!
Wear it like you’re Mary Shelley,
just make sure it isn’t smelly!

But if you haven’t any hair
no need to fret the whole affair.
Instead of hair just wear your head!
You never know… the trend might spread!