It had been so long. I can hardly remember our last family hike, something which we used to do quite often, especially when we lived in Calgary. Here we seem to have become so busy with all of life that hiking has sadly managed to slip way down on the list of possible things to do. Generally when we have a day free we seem to use it to regroup either by doing nothing for a little while or by cleaning house.

My husband has some favorite trees. Whenever we see them atop their hill like the straight up spiky mane of a zebra he feels happy. They are, as Bob Ross would say, his happy little trees. Really they are very large. They are mighty eucalyptus trees. The trees that formulate the most vivid olfactory memories of my childhood. When I breathe in Eucalyptus tree air, I breathe in old empty lots, neighbors’ houses, parks, day camps, songs and pollywogs. We decided to go to our happy trees.

These pictures are backwards from the actual order of events. Sort of reminds me but not really of that music video from when I was in high school. The one that was all backwards. I loved that song. Whatever it was.

Maybe I’ll narrate it backwards too. Just for fun.

And then we came down…

What a sweet big puppy.

He really took to the boys.

His owners were a little scary. They asked our kids names. I didn’t tell them. But they did have a nice dog.

Weimaraners have such sad knowing eyes.

On our way back down the hill a giganticus romping Weimaraner ran up to the boys and adopted them. He ran up to me too and almost broke my leg as he didn’t actually stop running once he got to me.

This fence has no great meaning but I found it a moving photographic subject. The cool thing is, these pictures are essentially untouched. Came out of the camera looking pretty much just like this.

A blue bay view.

Happy little man.

Happy big trees.

Those happy little trees aren’t so little when you are up close to them. But they are are still happy.

We decided now would be a good time to do the photo shoot for our upcoming family music album. We’re not sure of the release date yet. It may be delayed until all of the children have learned to play an instrument and at least some of them have learned to sing. Also until at least one of us can read music. But we’ll be ready with our album cover when the time comes. It’s good to be prepared.

Once we got to the pinnacle of our hike the boys felt compelled to do what boys like to do. Throw rocks. Wow. So much more fun when you are towering over a large metropolitan area.

Happy man sitting on the hill where his happy trees live.

A little perspective is always good. Imagine how tiny we are from the vantage point of eternity on this spinning ball…

Happy Big Trees.

Why my oldest child was dramatizing the grade of this terrain, I confess I do not know. He tends to be animated when he is excited and he was very excited to be out on a hike.

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