I’ve been reading a lot lately. After giving birth to 4 man-cubs I think my brain was temporarily out of the office. Unable to be reached. Out of pocket. Muy ocupado. Elsewhere. Oh, it’s so fun to come up with an endless string of words that convey the same meaning to the point of boring you to tears. It’s what I live for! My brain (the reading part anyway) had fled the premise, probably for fear of being completely sucked out by way of the mammary glands. Children really do suck your brain cells. There have been studies done on it.

There have been studies done on it is one of my favorite lines whenever I state something that I believe or want to believe is a fact. Mostly because I like the false weight that a study attributes to my claims and partly because there are studies done about almost anything so there’s a good chance that I’m right. Half of them are paid for by our tax dollars too. Woohoo!! Studies!

So my brains were gone for a while. About 7 years I think. I couldn’t read anything longer than a blog post. A magazine article, unless laced with a hefty helping of photographs, was pushing it. Twitter posts were ideal.  Okay, so I’m kidding on that last part. I wasn’t even on Twitter when my brain was missing. I’ve only recently started really Tweeting, ironically because I didn’t like the privacy breaches made routinely by a certain Mark Zuckerberg and co. At least with Twitter, you know it’s pretty much all public, all the time. What was I talking about?  Oh, books.

I really did love reading real full-length books years ago. I just needed to find that part of me again.  And also it helped to not be swimming in dirty diapers and runny noses. Basically it helped when my children all knew how to dress and wipe themselves. Since then they’ve learned a lot more nifty self-reliant kind of skills which has not only freed up brain matter but also time!

I credit one of my dearest friends, Heather, for helping me recover my love of reading when she started a book club up in Calgary. The fire was already rekindling but book club made it roar.  Many of my “have read” books are also ones you’ll find that she’s read (and rated well) and many of my “want to reads” are ones that she has read and rated well.  She is my book cupbearer.  I don’t read books that she says are crap because I know that if Heather doesn’t like it, neither will I and if Heather loved it, well, the odds are I’m going to love it too.

This morning on Twitter The Nester posted a link to the books she’s read this year and I decided that I felt like doing it too.  I have my Library Thing of course but I update that whenever I remember books I’ve ever read so it isn’t all really a year by year kind of thing.  So here is my list of books that I’ve read or am reading this year.

So, after much ado and with no further ado, my lists…

Currently Reading:

  • The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
  • The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Finished Reading:

  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Radical Together by David Platt
  • The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
  • The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  • Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
  • Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery
  • The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
  • A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley
  • Mitford Series by Jan Karon
    • At Home in Mitford
    • A Light in the Window
    • These High Green Hills
    • Out to Canaan
    • A New Song
    • A Common Life: The Wedding Story
    • In This Mountain
    • Shepherd’s Abiding
    • Light from Heaven
    • Home to Holly Springs
    • In the Company of Others
  • The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner
  • Wuthering Heights (second time reading) by Emily Brontë
  • Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë
  • The Geurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer
  • The Tenant at Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond
  • Where the Red Fern Grows (third time reading) by Wilson Rawls
  • The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Portuguese Irregular Verbs by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Puritan Hope by Iain H. Murray
  • Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • The Divine Comedy: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri

Want to Read in 2012:

  • The Thirteenth Tale
  • Anna Karenina
  • The Forgotten Garden
  • Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
  • The Book Thief
  • The Lovely Bones
  • The End of the Affair
  • One Thousand Gifts
  • Generous Justice
  • A Praying Life
  • Spiritual Depression
  • Unpacking Forgiveness
  • Shadow Baby
  • Water for Elephants
  • Friday Night Knitting Club
  • Journey to the West (a Chinese classic)
  • Kathy Reichs Bones books (What can I say? It’s my favorite show.)



6 thoughts on “Books! Books! Books!

  1. I love me some classics! Good to see them up there on your list 🙂 Although, I must admit Anna Karenina wasn’t my all-time fav. They can’t all be I suppose. Really enjoyed some that you have on your to read: Water for Elephants, Friday Night Knitting Club, The lovely bones, One thousand gifts…must read the Hunger games yet…I know. where have I been? Thanks for sharing the great list!

  2. Oh, I love it all! You’ve listed some of faves {The Help, Jane Eyre} and some I’ve been wanting to read. Off to add more to my “to read” list. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jane Eyre and Pioneer Woman on your list. I love it. You and I read many of the same books. I absolutely loved the 13th Tale. It’s a great read. Thanks for the list.

  4. Ok girlfriend, you have been a-readin’! Great work and so much fun! So with that lengthy list finally out, I want to know which were your favorites of what you have finished thus far. Give me the top 5…

  5. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments everyone! Heather, I will absolutely make a post about that. Hard… but I think I know how I’ll have to answer.

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