To say the last few years have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. We moved away from Canada where we had made our home for the previous seven years. We went into the felt uncertainty that sometimes seems to define what we call “walking by faith and not by sight.” As I type we still wait on God’s answer for the first real ray of hope that this time of waiting on the Lord, while not coming to an end by any means because we plan to do that all of our days in any state of employment or unemployment, might soon take a turn. God has provided every step along the way. We have seen and experienced His faithfulness through His people over and over again and we have been truly humbled.

You may remember that about 5 years ago I was randomly given an opportunity to work behind the scenes for a friend I’d known online. It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a message saying, “Do you want a job?” That was so much fun and a great experience. It was a true blessing to be able to work from home doing a fun job and for a great person. I worked for her off and on for two years. Ever since then I’ve learned that when I am handed an opportunity, it is unwise to turn it down because God might just might have bigger long-term plans. And the same must be said when those opportunities come to a close. I have also been more emboldened to seek work that I would like to do and have been rewarded in that way as well.

As you probably have seen since I’ve updated my blog, I am now a wedding photographer with a great wedding photography company here in the Bay Area, A Perfect Impression.  I love my job, love my co-workers, love the people I get to meet and all that I am learning.  Obviously, I truly believe that God orchestrated it all but the fact is, this would not have happened if I had not just decided to e-mail my now boss when I decided that I would really like the opportunity to work for him.  When I sent that first e-mail I sort of assumed that I would probably not even hear back from him (yes, self-confidence is sometimes a personal struggle — my husband is nodding as he reads this.)  Not only did he respond within minutes, we met just two days later and basically he offered me the opportunity to be trained and work for him.  It’s been awesome.  I have been incredibly blessed by this opportunity.  I always try to remind myself of what a blessing it is when I am 6 hours into a 7 (or more) hour shoot and my feet and back are killing me and I’m really tired of hearing that same song that is played at every wedding (again)! But really, it doesn’t take much reminding. I know that God has blessed us through this.

This December another friend (there are some people I just call friends even though we’ve only met online.  They are real.  I am real.  So it’s IRL because this is life.) contacted me about an incredible opportunity.  How did she know that I was at that moment, looking online for more job opportunities to help fill the gap created by this long-term waiting room experience we’ve been in as we seek God’s will for permanent full-time work/ministry for my husband? How did she know that? She didn’t of course. She just messaged me and said, “Do you want a job today?!”  She didn’t know what I was struggling with.  She didn’t know that I was beginning to think (foolishly… oh so foolishly) that He was maybe forgetting about us in the waiting room. But God did not forget. If there is one thing He’s teaching me, especially over the last month, it is this, “Fear not little flock for it is the Father’s will to give you the Kingdom.” And there I was worrying about dollars and cents and little things like jobs (and yes, I really do mean little things) when the Kingdom is what He has in store. I’m not saying that this opportunity IS the Kingdom but it is part of His unfolding will for me, at least for now and this thing called today on this Christ-haunted world called Earth, His Kingdom is revealed in the small things.

Small things.

When I was in college, that one year, I didn’t know “what I wanted to be.” Fortunately I knew who I was. I also knew who I was going to marry because I’d already met him. I knew I wanted to be a mom. I knew I was called to follow the Lord wherever the heck He chose to lead. I was pretty sure that could mean following Him anywhere because I was already contemplating moving to Texas (love you TEXAS!) which before meeting my husband I don’t think I would have ever thought imaginable. I knew so little and had small plans (small in the way of how far into the future they reached.)  One little thing at a time.  It is by the fact that God has, by His grace, kept us on this rather short lead for so long that we have through mountain and valley been kept close to Him.  Pull as we would on that short lead, He continues to keep us near and remind us how very near He is.  He does not despise the small things or the small ones.  He delights to bring Himself glory in just such things.

As I look back at all of the seemingly little jobs that I have had dropped in my lap, I have seen God revealing Himself to me both as the one who equips us with each gift He gives us but also provides for us along the way.

One opportunity has led to another opportunity has led to another opportunity, etc. Each has built upon the others and I go back further and further and see each as a small thing that God has enlarged beyond what I could imagine and often He has seen fit to do so at times when, in my weakness, I most needed to see His Hand.

So, what I’m getting at is that God is always doing big stuff… sometimes it looks small.  Sometimes it looks non-existent. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it feels like silence. It’s not. It’s big. You can only just see part of it… or maybe right now you can’t see any of it. Fear not little flock for it is the Father’s world to give you the KINGDOM!

I’m excited to let you know that I get to be part of something that I think is going to be amazing.  Something really wonderful.  Something related to photography and social good and entrepreneurialism. Something that I think will be big. I can’t wait to tell you more! But believe me, if you love any of those three things I mentioned, you will want to hear about it and be a part of it.  So keep your ears and eyes opened.

Oh and go to BLISSDOM! I am going and will be taking pictures and probably tweeting about it the whole time and also talking a lot about that BIG THING. Yes, I who does not like airplanes.  At all. I will get on one and fly to Nashville, TN. I am so excited for so many reasons. So excited that I’m barely even scared of that airplane. God is after all doing big stuff.

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