Okay, so one dream is already going to happen. I am going to Blissdom and I’m so excited. Yes, I’m excited because I get to, for the first time (ever? really? ever?) yes… ever, go away by myself and be part of something so awesome that I know some of my bloggy friends have so thoroughly enjoyed over the years, not to mention my bloggy friend who is one of the co-creators of the whole dang thing!  But I’m excited because of some of the things I will get to do there.

Number one is take pictures. I am actually, yes, little ol’ me… I am going as a photographer for the event. I’m so excited about this because I love event photography. I love details and emotion and big picture and little picture and stolen moments and seemingly unexpected moments that I can anticipate and really unexpected moments that catch me by surprise. These are all things that I get to capture in a different way at weddings. (I wish I could share more of my wedding photography here. Hopefully soon I’ll get permission for that.) Number two is talk about pictures (and Oh, so much more!) by way of a new somethin’ to be announced at the conference that will blow your ever-lovin’ mind it’s so awesomely awesome.

So that dream, I think, is taken care of. It’s in the bag. I’m going to Blissdom. I have a plane ticket. I think you should come too.

Join Me At Blissdom! SO what is my other dream? Okay, there is no secret. I have a really good camera with which I am really happy. I normally shoot with my Canon 5D MKII and do I ever love it.  It’s a thing of beauty.  And as much as I was a Nikon girl for a good while (first a D80 and then a D700), last year I made the switch to the Canon 5D MKII and haven’t looked back.

BUT sometimes you just don’t want to take a big camera with you, ya know? Sometimes you just want to not have to watch out that you don’t accidentally bang someone in the head with your monstrously large camera or that you don’t accidentally bonk your big beautiful lens on the edge of a table. Oh, how I love my camera — it’s a fabulous tool. But my dream is to shoot the whole event with just this beautiful little wonder.

Photo by Nokton via Flickr

Oh, it’s so pretty. It requires another picture.

Photo by Daniel Y. Go via Flickr

And please don’t fail to look at the FinePix X100’s personal website and see what it can do. ((Hyperventilates))

So, will I be able to get my hands on one of these babies by the time the conference rolls around?  That is the question…

What are your thoughts?

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