Oh, there is a day, and it hurts like hell,
when it seems like the sun has gone away,
soul sorrow so deep that no mouth can tell,
but Jesus has felt it on the world’s darkest day.

Sleep will not come and tears will not end,
the sorrow so great it’s just under your skin
and death feels so close like a hideous friend,
but into this darkness our savior went in.

A face with no mouth or a sky without birds,
a house without doors, a jail with no bars,
a song without notes or a book with no words;
this silence He chose when He took on our scars.

Out of the depths of this smoldering pain,
where words all at once seem so wrong and yet right,
a thin wisp of smoke will rise up through the rain
when a song, a prayer finds a thin strip of light.

Our Jesus, who came where sin seemed to win,
who knew the grief that awaited and still entered in.
What kindness, what love, what grace, what merciful grace,
does the Lord have for us that he’d choose this place?

What are your thoughts?

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