Joys and sorrows
crows and sparrows
droughts and downpours
hearts and arrows
Is life ever
and forever
all a mix of
pain and pleasure
Blood and water
ice and fire
grace and graveyards
doom and shire

hopes and fears
crowns and crosses
cribs and caskets
gains and losses
Will the always
be a never
this broken vow of
tie and sever
now and never
saint and sinner
bane and blessing
worst and winner

broken mended
low made high
wounded tended
far drawn nigh
Light will break in
sleepers waken
to the dawn of
earth unshaken
heartache taken
tears made dry
faith to sight
and death to die


Life is just like that. Until all is made new, life will ever be a mix of death and life because of man’s sin and because of God’s amazing grace. We mourn with our friends who have lost their daughter. We pray for them and ask any who will pray, to join us in praying for them as they grieve this tragic loss and also as they seek to find grace in everything because, “Grace makes beauty of ugly things.”

Even as we weep with those who weep, only recently we were joined by our friends — these same friends who need us now to weep with them — in rejoicing at the answer to prayer that God has provided for us. Almost two years to the day (give or take) that my husband put in his resignation at our church in Calgary (which was officially the day we began looking for a new ministry or job… whatever God would have for us) he received an offer of employment with a wonderful Christian aid organization, Food for the Hungry. He will be in support staff, giving counsel to those on the mission field. We give God alone all the glory and are eager to see all that He will do for His Kingdom through this.

Even as we rejoice in His provision we are reminded through our friend’s most difficult journey just begun that all of life is a gift from Him and all His gifts, save for Himself alone, He requires that we hold loosely. In the face of loss, and most especially the loss of a child, it is so easy for me to think that the take away message is to hold tightly… Indeed, we must treasure each gift He gives but ultimately we must surrender all. All to Him who holds us all in the palm of His hand so that when He asks us to let go of anything or any idea or any dear person, we can do so — yes, though we do so with tears and with pain — knowing that though our grip is loosened, His is not. For He holds it all. And has promised to graciously give us all things. So as He gives and takes away, I am reminded yet again by Jesus…

Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s will to give you the Kingdom.

So we let go of all and cling to Him. And in letting go of all, even all of the good things that He has given, we gain all.

Joys and Sorrows.

2 thoughts on “Joys and Sorrows

  1. Yes, life contains both but God will always adjust us to where He knows is best for us. And its our duty to accept both joy and sorrow the same way. Thanks for the post and God bless.

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