My “old” bloggy buddy from way back when, Darcy, reminded us that we moms need to get in the picture. As a photographer and as a self-critical woman, I am definitely one of those that does not like to get in the picture. I like my place behind the camera thankyouverymuch. I don’t seem to think about back fat when I’m behind the camera. Or front fat. Or fat. I think about smiles and memories, moments in time and emotions. I do not think about my thighs or my arm loaves or my chins. I think about composition, light, color, depth of field, focal points, shutter speeds and ISOs. I don’t think about how my kids might just not remember what I looked like if I don’t make a point to get in the picture now and then.

This past year my awesome boss (I was so tempted to just type awesomesauce after that just because it rhymed but it would have been all wrong. Gladly, explaining that to you just now enabled me to go ahead and write awesomesauce not once but twice. Sometimes being verbose is such a pleasure. Really.) P.S. I don’t ever say awesomesauce in real life. Where was I? Oh, my awesome boss took our family portraits and also some portraits of me. I think the last time I’d had my pictures professionally taken was at my own wedding. Aside from that, I have actually submitted on occasion to standing on the wrong side of the camera even though it’s not where I feel most comfortable. As Darcy said, it’s not about me. It’s not for me. It’s for them and their kids, etc.

So for posterity… here I am…

I went shopping today with some birthday money and I wanted to show my hubby (who is here…

…at the office for his new job with Food for the Hungry) what I got. That’s my first self-portrait right there in the bottom left corner. Can you tell that I hadn’t showered yet and it was lunchtime?

This is me today. Next to my unmade bed and my kitten licking his crotch. This is really all about keeping it real today.

…and a smattering of me over the past two years.

And that one right there… That one is posted because I read (and loved) this blog tonight and was reminded how much I like it when people keep it real and how I love it when my friend’s don’t have perfect houses or meals or children. It makes me feel just a little less lame. Now that I say that though… it sounds pretty selfish. It makes me feel like we are all just a little bit normal. There. That’s better.


13 thoughts on “Getting in the Picture

    1. @Leah, thanks! Real is my specialty.
      @darcy & @Skye, that bed one… I do love that one. I love those days too.
      @Valerie, thanks so much! That is super sweet! I like smiling, it’s my favorite! :^D (Love that Buddy the Elf!)
      @Donna, I used to work for Ree and we have been online “buddies” since her pre-blogging days, believe it or not (I’m pretty sure Darcy was there back then too… old school message board days.) Even though I worked for her for a couple of years and we e-mailed a good bit, we never met in person until she was out here in SF for a book signing after I had moved back here (home) after seven years of living in Canada. It was quite fun to finally meet in person. :^)

  1. I love them all! But the one of all the boys and you piled in bed… i LOVE that pic. It seems like such a ‘this is how we roll’ kinda pic.

    Beautiful. Really. ❤

  2. Wow! Great pictures. You have a lovely smile. I loved the boy with the missing teeth. I am totally jealous that you met Ree!!!! How did you find her schedule? I love the picture of you wearing a hat. So cute.

  3. Everytime I read your blog I think you’re a little bit awesomer 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful apples with us all:) Ha! And I still LOVE that hat Shawn bought for you! You are such a good hat wearer!

    1. Hopefully a little bit normaler. (YAY! NEW WORD!) But thanks for thinkin’ I’m awesomer. I think you’re awesomesaucerer.

  4. 1. I love the word “awesomesauce”. I am always wanting to use it in my everyday talking, but I fear that others would think I’m truly strange. And that I listen to too much sports radio.

    2. You are a very lovely lady. I love pictures of you with your family, especially your hubs. They are…smothered in awesomesauce. (Did you see what I did there? Nice, right?)

    3. Every time I read a blog post of yours, I am inspired. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Ladies!
    @Sarah, I actually love that bumper car picture too. Good memories with the kiddos.
    @Christina, you are always so encouraging, funny, sweet and lovely. Thanks for being such a faithful bloggy friend!
    @Kelly, I agree. I am glad I did finally take time to have some good pictures taken but they don’t tell the story of life like the pictures where I am not all made up for it. It really is all about the moment, isn’t it?
    @Heather. I love you, girl. Thanks

    And I think I’ve reached my limit, in this post alone, for pictures of myself on my own blog. I think I’ll keep it to a minimum for the rest of the year! HAHA! (Have I learned nothing from this project!?)

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