The time has come, my little friends,
to talk of nitty gritties:
of wombats, bards and bicycles
of owl sandwiches and kitties.

by Me (just now)

I wrote that just now. Just for you. Just for this blog. This is the kind of cutting edge news you are always looking for and coming to expect when you come to my corner of the internet. I just know it. My inspiration for that fetching little stanza is of course the poem, The Walrus and The Carpenter, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

I love that poem. My oldest memorized it back when he was 8. Sometimes nonsense makes the most sense. (Then again, sometimes not.)

Yesterday I was very tired. I had shot a wedding solo on Sunday afternoon/evening and because I was so tired on my way home, I missed a turnoff and only realized it about 20 minutes down the road. It was dark. The two roads look similar in the dark. But one is a lot longer and doesn’t end up at a bridge that spans the bay and leads back home. That’s the one I took. Turns out I went so far down it that I didn’t have to cross any bridges at all! What a treat for the gephyrophobic child within! This of course translated to being out later than planned and almost running out of gas. Such are the adventures of your hostess, Nancypants, when she goes galavanting around the bay area.

All that to say that I was tired yesterday (yes, I, your verbose hostess, have taken a full paragraph to say that I was tired yesterday.) Blogs were made for the verbose.

We stayed at home and I zoned out half of the day with my eyes at half-mast. I played with my kitten, took pictures of lunch, took pictures of the big sweet Tom Cat that came for a visit and then practically forgot to go get our international student from school and then got stuck in a traffic jam. There. Don’t you feel better, knowing the boring details of a very mundane day of a totally (mostly sorta kinda) normal person?

In case the verbosity covering the mostly boring day wasn’t enough for you, you get to see pictures too! Could things get any more exciting around here?!

Paul is official. See his tag and collar? I love them!

Paul and Bruce have been peacefully coexisting thus far. Bruce honors cats with great deference. (Read: Bruce hides in corners when a cat walks by until he is sure said cat is safe.) He and Cupcake have a healthy hierarchal relationship. She is the Lady and he, the lowly serf. Paul is green still and untainted by stereotypical kitty prejudices so he is not so proud when it comes to canines.

Today is the first day that they both purposefully interacted with each other.

I think they are going to be buddies. Bruce is very happy to have a cat friend that does more than tolerate him.

This is the friendliest vagrant Tom Cat I’ve ever met. He and my parent’s indoor/outdoor cat, Tigah, are pals. He walks right up and plops down on the ground, rolls over and looks for scratches and pets. What do you all think? A cat is friendly but dirty. Unaltered. Seemingly well-fed… does he belong to someone or does he need to be “reported,” neutered and rehomed? I can’t decide if I think he actually belongs to someone (or if he is just a friendly neighborhood unclaimed cat.) I’d love your input. While we are not even going to contemplate a third kitty, I may know someone who would give him a home if he was neutered.

There is other good news on the animal front. Cupcake has adopted Paul as her own baby.

Lucky baby. He only had to go about 2 weeks without a feline-mama. She’s taking good care of him. Lucky mama. She wouldn’t have been able to express her maternal instincts otherwise. She seems to have more purpose in her life now. She calls for him when she can’t find him and wants to play. She cuddles up with him. She is a good little mama.

Aren’t you glad we don’t have to lick our babies clean?

Of sandwiches. After being disappointed that lunch was going to consist of Peanut butter and Jelly, my oldest made the best of it by creating an owl inspired lunch for himself and his brothers.

I thought it was very sweet of him.

Not to mention cute.

 “Callooh, callay, no work today.
We’re cabbages and kings.”

3 thoughts on “Of Owl Sandwiches and Kitties

  1. here’s the thing.
    you had me at the clever opening stanza.
    then you hooked me with alice. one of my very favorite bits from a most favorite book. THEN, i think i fell in love, over your animal pals. cuteness attack.
    so, all of that to say, i love your blog.
    enjoy your evening!

  2. I am SO glad we don’t have to lick our children! 🙂
    Did you check with a vet to see if the cat had a chip of some kind in him? There was a stray cat at my mother-in-law’s and there was talk of taking it in to see if someone had something like that put in, which would give an owner, etc. I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but just what I think I heard others say. 🙂 Your pictures are lovely as always. I love getting inspired by others’ writing. (I have written things based on Robert Frost and Abba, to name two. 🙂 ) (Did you see my Laundry Queen? I bet you can guess which of the two above that one was inspired by. haha!)

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