I have mentioned it a few times but I probably need to mention it again because if I don’t mention it now then nothing happens and I go on with life as usual and that’s very sad. So I should mention it now. And I think I will.
I'm Going to Blissdom!

Yes, I am!

Have I mentioned how much I loathe these things?

Image: kangshutters / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

And not just the wings. The whole thing. Airplanes in general. They make noises that make me uncomfortable. They do things that seem unnatural. They make me feel bad in my tummy and give me sweaty palms and make me grab onto the unsuspecting arm-thighs of the poor unlucky soul who is sitting next to me.

When people ask my why I am afraid of flying, I tell them that they are asking an impossible question. “Why” insinuates reason. Phobias are irrational. Hence, I cannot tell you why. It’s an irrational fear and is totally lame. (Although the touchy-feely TSA is something to rationally fear.)

But I’m going to get on one. It’s been 8 years since I last flew. I think it’s for a really good cause though. I plan on this being the trip where I get over my fear of flying once and for all.

That’s challenge #1.

Challenge #2 relates to the fact that I am honored, thrilled, ecstatic and so on that I will get to be an official event photographer at BlissDom. Not only do I get to go but I get to do what I love best — creep around taking pictures! So, by now I am actually quite comfortable behind the not diminutive beautiful behemoth that is my Canon 5D MKII camera with a full flash set-up and a Shootsac full of lenses.

Here’s the deal though. I would like to not break my back the weekend of Blissdom. I would like to not travel with that much expensive equipment in addition to my laptop and regular luggage. I would like to not permanently curve my spine under the weight of all of that camera gear. But I would still like to take fabulous pictures.

So my challenge is that I plan on shooting the entire event using the Fuji FinePix X100. This camera is not only pretty to look at, it takes gorgeous pictures and handles low light like its big DSLR brothers and sisters and has beautiful depth of field with a maximum aperture opening at F2.0. The challenge is that it’s a fixed focal length lens with the equivalent of a 35mm lens. No lens changes. No zoom. Fixed. Prime. Period. All will rely on getting in the right spot to get the good shot and creatively composing. I do love a good prime but shooting at weddings I have grown accustomed to having an array of fixed and zoom lenses at my finger tips. I realize that I am completely spoiled in this regard. (I only own one lens for my own camera and it’s a 24-70mm which I LOVE.)

Can I do it? Well, first I have to get the camera… that’s in the works. Second, I have to practice with it. Third, I have to get on an airplane. Twice. Fourth, I have to land in Nashville and then I have to go to the incredibly GORGEOUS Opryland Hotel enjoy the event, meet old and new friends… and shoot to my heart’s content. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

2 thoughts on “Self-Challenges

  1. so fancy! i am hoping to make it to bliss next year. you’ll do amazing work. and praying that the airplane part is a breeze for you. i love flying, so can’t relate…but wishing you well! xo

  2. You will have such a great time!! You could try a Dramamine before the flight. It helps me in the mountains; maybe it would help with the tummy issue. I don’t have a suggestion for the grabbing-thigh-of-neighbor. Handcuffs? Although, that might scare someone right badly.

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