My hunkahunkaburninlove comes home from Staff Orientation in Arizona at Food for the Hungry tomorrow. Oh, I’m so happy. I’m so happy he’s coming home but I’m so so happy he loves his job. I’m so excited about this organization. I’m very thankful. But I’m still really happy he’s coming home tomorrow. It’s not quite the longest we’ve been apart but it’s up there. I’m sure it won’t be the longest since he’s taken a job that will require more travel of him. But still, it takes some getting used to… managing 5 boys all on my own. (You remember we have an international high school student living with us.)

Hard as it is, I cannot complain. #1 I think of military wives and all that they sacrifice and the many months that they go without their husbands by their side. They are the #1 reason I refuse to be overly-bummed by the time apart. #2 We have Skype! We were early adopters. Started using it not long after it hit the internet when we lived up in Calgary. In the old days long distance communication was all about the Pony Express and before that… ya know, homing pigeons and passing vagrants and traveling preachers and talking parrots might carry a message to your love for you if they happened to see them in their wanderings. But we have Skype!

Not only is it nice just to see each other while talking, it’s nice when your husband is kind enough to put on a virtual puppet show for the kids. Silly voices and all. Seriously… He is the MAN. I don’t think you’ll be able to detect it in the following series of pictures but my six year old was laughing so hard he was squirting profuse amounts of tears. He could barely stand up. They all especially liked when he did the bulldog face (not pictured) and spoke in the Winston Churchill voice.

Thanks for the fun, my love. And I agree with my 8 year old, “Come home so I can touch you and feel your beard again!” Here are some highlights from our goofy chat with Daddy. Thank you Skype!

[flickrset id=”72157629153180131″ thumbnail=”medium” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

This is our kind of fun.

2 thoughts on “Making the Best of the Distance (AKA Why I love Skype)

  1. So hilarious!! I didn’t even know you could do that kind of stuff on Skype! We have had some good times with grandparents that are far away…it’s so great to be able to connect like that!

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