I’m trying to be more bloggy lately and in attempt to do that, I’m joining in a few more link-ups than I have over the past year or so of bloggy ambivalence.

So here it is, Sweet Shot Tuesday. Glad I popped over to Darcy’s again and found it was another linky day.


Sweet Shot Day

Yes, I just chose a picture of my son posing with a cat statue. That would seem strange to use for a sweet shot picture but it is sweet. The picture is sweet. Look at his eyes? Hello. It’s also sweet because we were visiting the SPCA to help my sister and her girls get their first kitty. But while we were there the boys were able to sit out and visit with a puppy that needed some attention. They would all volunteer at the SPCA every day if they could because they love animals. They are all looking forward to the day when we can all go volunteer together. So, see? Sweet after all.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Shot

  1. So sweet, and darling! I love dimples…I always wanted one, and my best friend growing up had the deepest dimples. I would try to make them in my own face by pulling my cheeks in right next to my mouth. She was like,”No. Not so much.” haha

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