My camera.

You know, the irony is that I always tell the kids to be careful with “the baby” when I actually venture to let them take a picture. I want them to learn to use a camera and to play with light and try to shoot pictures from different angles. I want them to learn about composition and capturing the moment. So I sometimes let them use my camera under very close supervision because HELLO. They are children. They might just drop it.

Then I went to work.

It was just after the father-daughter dance and just before the mother-son dance. I was switching lenses and somehow the strap either slipped off or I had taken it off my neck when shooting from a high angle. I can’t remember. It’s all a blur.

I was going to switch out my lens and assumed that my strap was still around my neck as it always is. I let go.


It hit the floor. Yes, there was carpet. The thin kind that is over a slab of merciless concrete. Thankfully the lens was unharmed. It was just one of those FUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDGGGGE moments like the one Ralphie had when he was helping his Dad.

Snap. Snap. (It still took pictures!!)

Black. Screen was black.


Blackness. Angry, empty, blackness.

I had dropped the baby.

Fortunately the mother of the groom was momentarily delayed so I had time (barely) to go and get my back-up camera, switch everything off of my camera and onto the backup and get back and take the rest of the dadgum pictures.

Thankfully I have a fantastic boss who has got things covered (since it happened while I was on the job) but it still is just one of those really-wish-I-could-rewind moments.

Tomorrow though, my Fujifilm X100 is arriving (the answer to our long-time “we still need a smallish but high quality camera now and then” dilemma). I’m very excited to get out and start shooting with it! I’m also not above entering to win another camera. I pretty much enter every contest I see for cameras or nerdy techy stuff because after all, I did win an iPad. I’m a believer!

One thought on “I dropped it.

  1. You won an iPad?! Fun! I’m so sorry about the drop! If it makes you feel better, I’m pretty much responsible for getting our Canon stolen. 😛 That was a bummer.
    P.S. I hate when I do the very thing that I have just told my kids not to do (or to try not to do). I have a funny story, but I will email it to you.

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