When we lived in Canada, we used to go to the mall just in order to get out of the house when it was too cold to go anywhere else. Since moving back home to California, we have only set foot in a mall about maybe 10 times (not including strip malls that include things like Target and Kohl’s, etc…. also not including going out to eat at a restaurant attached to a mall). Oh and I went with my niece when she got her ears pierced. But purely just to “go to the mall”… very rare.

Last night we went to the mall. Partly to eat and partly for me to get a pair of really important shoes.

Because I’m sure everyone needs a pair of glittery shoes for Blissdom. Anyway, they are this California girl’s solution to the need for glam and the need for comfort and the need to retain my fun personality while at a women’s blogging conference in Nashville, Tennessee! I also happened to discover the answer to my pajama needs, when I was there at Ye Olde Mall, in the form of some super cute men’s (yes… men’s) heart pajama bottoms at Gap for just $10. Score!

But really… the reason for this post about a random mallventure is that I discovered that something I always imagined to be true is in fact true. That is: If I could dive into a swimming pool filled with Lego-dude heads instead of water or colored plastic balls, I would do it in a heartbeat. Does Legoland have such a pool, I wonder? If not, they should. I had to settle for second best and just dip my hand into the Lego-dude-head barrel several times instead. Still remarkably satisfying. So this post (and Lego is not paying me for saying any of this. Our kids Lego collections consist almost entirely of 30 year old inherited Lego sets and several Bionicles. But Lego… if you’re listening, my kids would be happy to test any of your products. My husband would also happily test your VW bus set. It would be the only way he could get his dream car. And the bonus would be that it’s easy on the fuel consumption!)

Who wouldn’t want to dive into this?

In other news, if anyone can help Hulk out, he would be very grateful. This was his Twitter post last night as he posted this self-portrait: Hulk stranded at disco luau. Hulk angry. Hulk smash your car if you not give him ride!

One more picture because I know you want to dive in too….

3 thoughts on “The Mall

  1. Ok, this post totally cracked me up. Once you mentioned Canada and the mall, I heard Robin from
    “How I Met Your Mother” singing “Let’s Go to the Mall.” I think your glitter shoes would go perfectly with her 80s-in-the-90s-because-it’s-Canada aesthetic.

    Thanks for the grins.

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