I have so much more to post about my first Blissdom but I’m going to just start with this.

I got it in my fortune cookie about 5 minutes after getting home from my long day of travel from Nashville to the San Francisco Bay Area (because, really… who wants to cook when you get home from a big weekend of travel (Oh… and a tummy bug)? I didn’t eat the cookie. My six year old did that honor for me. My tummy revolted at the little bit of wonton soup and rice that I ate, as it was.

I just looked at this and smiled. Because it was so true. Of course it would have been even better if it said, “…unexpected Bliss!”

More… lots more to come. I have pictures coming out the ears.


6 thoughts on “Blissdom in a nutshell… Um. I mean in a fortune cookie.

  1. I just found your Bilssdom pics on Twitter and was so excited to see how perfectly you captured the weekend’s joy! I snagged the picture of myself and will be sharing with my readership….all props to you 🙂

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