Normal, you don’t look so well. You look scared and haggard. You seem like you’ve been through the ringer. Normal, are you sure you should be going at this pace? Shouldn’t you slow down? Maybe go to bed at a decent hour? Maybe you’ve had a few too many late nights. You’ve gotta take care of you, Normal, or every other kind of normal suffers. That’s okay honey. You may just need a nice hot bath and you’ll be back to yourself again in no time.

Gosh, Normal, you look so different than just a few years ago. Were you the same you then? You used to look so serene… almost bored. But you weren’t bored. You were just a different kind of you. You looked out the window a lot then. You hoped for non-white weather and went for walks. Normal… ya know? I gotta chuckle just thinking about you being bored. Those days when you would get antsy and decide to just go to the grocery store because it seemed like there was really nothing else to do (besides all that kept you busy inside the house.)

But now, sister, I gotta tell ya… did I say you look haggard? I’m sorry. You don’t look haggard. You’ve obviously just left that unfamiliar place… the Not Normal of a weekend away. But really, overall, Normal, I think you’re looking pretty good. Some of the best things look scary just like you, Normal.

You’re a good thing, Normal. I know you’ll be fine. You’re thinking outside the house. You’re putting yourself out there and you are feeling comfortable with yourself. You’re learning new skills and your patience is being tested.

Normal, you can be intimidating like shadows climbing up and down the street-lit bedroom walls, fierce and looming then shrinking and racing away into corners. And there you go again but from the other side. You can be so unpredictable like a dragon…. and yet you are so… Normal. Somehow we know deep down that you are always going to change when least expected.

You can wear on a person, Normal. Don’t get me wrong. We like you and all. But you really do have a tendency to unnerve. Either we find you boring or overwhelming. Where is your in between, Normal? Give people some room to breathe.

So we close our eyes and breathe.

And Normal has changed again….

3 thoughts on “Hello Normal, you are looking strange…

  1. First off … I LOVE your blog title and tagline (awesome) and your design (simple and unique)! And your photography is just exceptional! Thanks for letting me know where to find you! I’m glad I’m here! 🙂 … And good luck figuring out normal! I’ve got more than a few years on you and it still confuses me!

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