They are literally threatening to go naked. Now granted, part of this is due to the fact that they have not been faithfully bringing their laundry down and running it through. But the large pile of clothes on my floor will attest to the fact that I’m not always the best at getting the laundry moved through the whole basket to drawer process very swiftly either. I usually get paralyzed at the folding and putting away portion though, rather than the, “I think my only option is to go naked today,” portion.


Seriously. I don’t know how it gets to this point. For so long it seems that the only thing that is growing is their hair and fingernails and then suddenly they appear to have grown three feet, smell like the dickens and grown a beard and you find yourself being accosted with a round of morning moans of, “I don’t have any clothes!!” or “I don’t have any pajamas. I’ll just wear my clothes.” (Which is of course especially entertaining after they just got done telling you that they don’t have any clothes.) Or of course the coup de grâce, “FINE! I’ll just go naked!”

But really. They grow like Ice Plant, which is crazier than regular weeds. Any Californian will probably know what I’m talking about.

I generally hit the thrift store before we hit any other stores for clothes. That is where I can get the most bang for my buck, no ifs ands or buts about it. And the kids… they like shopping there. And I don’t seem to feel like I need to keep them tethered to me when at the thrift store. I mean… what could they do? Knock over a circa 1983 crockpot? They like wandering off and rifling through the germ-infested sports equipment, electronics and toys. This way I can have enough time to comb through all of the cast-offs to find the diamonds in the rough like the Michael Kors wedges that I found or the Danskins (both $150 pairs of shoes).

However, sometimes the people just need some new clothes. We are getting there. And I’m about to take them to Kohl’s and Target.

Kohls 15% Off Everything

Kohl’s and Target are my other two favorite spots to get good deals on clothes. To be honest I’ve had a few disappointments recently with the way that some Target items have held up (short term)… but for the most part, I love Target. Kohl’s is where we tend to go if we need any nicer clothes or shoes. There is really nothing I love more, when it comes to shopping, than paying decent prices and then getting store cash back. I don’t care what kind of marketing technique it is, it totally works on me and I am happy to admit it. Hook? What hook? I only see that juicy worm!

All this to say that yeah… the drawers are sort of still overflowing with clothes but they are getting nastier and holier (in the swiss cheese way, not the Bible way) each day. I think it’s about time for a shopping trip.

Target 20% Off Select Items

What are your thoughts?

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