So I have this friend who knows how to sew.

She’s a very crafty one, this friend. And her daughter has inherited (and been taught!) this crafty gene. My sister got all the crafty genes in our family. I am artistic by way of photography but crafty is not a word I could use to describe myself. I can accomplish crafts but it is not in my nature to create.

Leah messaged me and showed me a picture of a beautiful camera strap that she had made. My immediate response was OOOH! Pretty!!! I want one yesterday!

I wanted one partly because HELLO, it’s pretty. And also because camera straps hurt when worn for hours and hours (and hours) in a row. One’s neck tends to chafe. And when one’s neck has been chafed all day, one is just a wee bit less cheerful when one gets home.

Because I shoot weddings with a company and use company equipment I asked Leah if there was a way she could make the cover easily removable. How quickly did she up and work that pattern out? Lickety split. That’s how quickly.

And look.

Just gorgeous. And can I say, Ahhhhhh… so comfortable. So soft. No chafing whatsoever.

And the loveliness gets better… a place to store a lens cap or camera body cap. Simple genius.

I’m a happy photographer today!
P.S. If you are interested in ordering one of these, feel free to contact me and I’ll pass your e-mail on to Leah. I’m not sure if she is going to open an Etsy shop at this point but I know she’ll be happy to hear from you.

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